• Re-Engaging Your Email Non-Responders
    Much has been made recently about what to do with your email non-responders. These are subscribers who continue to receive emails, but have not opened, clicked or otherwise responded in a long time (if ever). For many marketers, this is a significant portion of their lists, and what they usually do is either to keep mailing on a reduced schedule, or stop mailing entirely after a time. But it's an error to frame this dilemma purely in the context of a mailing schedule. Before deciding on a course of action, marketers need to find out why subscribers are no longer …
  • The 'Right'-Thinking Email: Six New Senses For The Conceptual Age
    In his innovative book "A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future," Daniel H. Pink argues that our world has shifted from "left brain" dominance to the reign of right-brain thinkers: designers, inventors, teachers and storytellers. He deems this era "The Conceptual Age." Pink then introduces the new high-concept, high-touch "six senses" essential to our Conceptual Age, which he argues "can help develop the whole new mind this era demands." We're taking a look at the first three of the new six senses -- design, story and symphony -- and how they help emails sparkle in the …
  • Will Social Media Kill The Email Star?
    The growth and adoption of social media doesn't mean email is dead, or that marketers have to abandon everything they've done to build a successful program and then start over. Instead, email needs to become even more "social" in its tone, personality, conversational style and relevance.
  • Buyers Are A Big Email Opportunity
    One of the most important things we can do as marketers -- B2C or B2B, large or small -- is to obtain permission to email a new customer. As soon as they buy, we want them on the file so that we can nurture the relationship and encourage a repeat purchase. Yet, buyers are a fragile email asset. 60% of buyers who purchased four times or more in the past year said they were likely to unsubscribe if the messages were not relevant. This is ten points higher than the average email user (where 50% said they are likely to …
  • 'Save Now' Is the New 'Buy Now" -- And 6 More Recession-Messaging Ideas
    Last year, marketers seemed to be slow to change their messaging in response to the yet-to-be-formally-declared recession. During the holidays, retailers responded to slowing sales largely by promoting deep discounts in email after email. However, since the turn of the calendar, I've seen retailers adopting a variety of tactics to coax sales from their recession-wary customers. Here's a selection....
  • Sense And Sensibility In Email
    Amid the millions of marketing emails that are launched every day, it isn't hard to find some lead balloons. Sometimes even top marketers are guilty of approaches that mislead, defy logic, are distasteful or just plain silly. Here is a sampling from my inbox, presented in the categories of "sense" -- for those lacking in logic -- and "sensibility," for those that may breach feelings or trust.
  • Are Email Appends An Achilles Heel For Deliverability And Strategy?
    While opt-out email append is not without risk, if managed correctly it can be an excellent way for marketers to grow their email lists. In these tough economic times, companies are looking for ways to accelerate the use of the email channel, essentially reallocating marketing budget from less "accountable" channels to email. As experts in the space, I think it is our job to help them do so responsibly.
  • Geo Segmentation: Add ZIP To Your Email
    Everyone is looking for ways to make their dollar stretch a little further. This may mean clipping coupons, eating at home, carpooling or taking a stay-cation (stay at home vacation) this year. When it comes to email, there's an underutilized -- but highly effective -- way to stretch your marketing dollar. And you may just rev up your customer loyalty in the process.
  • Email Best Practices: Let's Break The Rules!
    Working in such an exciting, fast-paced channel, we email marketers have the privilege of constantly discovering, testing and revising industry best practices. Through our accumulated efforts, we've gained a solid grasp on best bets in areas ranging from sending frequency to image use. As we work with what we've learned, it's important for us to keep in mind that "best practices" still leave some room for creativity and on-brand innovation. It's fun to look at email from brands that defy the best practices and to consider how it's important to view the "rules" holistically, evaluating how they apply to our …
  • '25 Random Things' Is No Way To Write A Newsletter
    Email newsletters can be a powerful tool for marketers, supporting customer relationships, boosting loyalty, and driving engagement. What a shame, then, to waste the space with content that hasn't been strategically planned. I get some e-newsletters that are so full of unrelated articles that I have no idea how I'm supposed to consume the news therein. Let's leave the 25 Random Things to our Facebook friends and create optimized newsletters instead.
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