• Buttons Vs. Links: Which Is The Call-to-Action Hero?
    Paper or plastic? Vanilla or chocolate? Regular gasoline or super? All are questions for the ages. But among email marketers there's another burning question: Should I use buttons or links for my calls-to-action?
  • True One-To-One Marketing
    I've been LinkedIn-crazy lately. It's good to remind myself that the greatest asset I bring to my company is my personal network of contacts. And most of that networking is done through email: one-to-one email marketing at its (hopefully) best.
  • CAN SPAM And Politicians
    Dear Email Diva: What are the rules for political emailing? According to someone who works on political email campaigns, the politicians responsible for anti-spam legislation discreetly exempted themselves from this rule.
  • Giving Thanks To The Channel
    A few years ago I wrote an article on giving thanks to the channel, and I thought it appropriate, halfway through 2007, that I lay out some of the things that I'm most thankful for today.
  • The Urgency Of Free Shipping: Successful Subject Lines
    This week I'd like to share more results from my study of retailers' subject lines, including the importance of free shipping and the use of urgency as a promotional strategy.
  • Competitive Intelligence
    A major consumer package goods marketer once told me: "If I can understand my competitor's email marketing efforts, I can understand their entire marketing strategy." The notion that a company's email marketing efforts represent a microcosm of their marketing plan is something that more planners need to understand.
  • How To Improve A Newsletter
    Dear Email Diva: I need suggestions for redesigning our email newsletters. How can I revise the look and feel of our layout and improve the content?
  • Five Guidelines For The Customer Experience
    While the email landscape is changing and becoming more challenging to deliver concrete experiences to growing databases and more restrictive inboxes, how do you deliver a good experience and meaningful brand impression with each email? Or can you?
  • Subject Lines for Left and Right Brains
    Price has relatively little effect on customer satisfaction, according to ForeSee Results President and CEO Larry Freed, who recently completed the Spring 2007 Edition of the Top 100 Online Retail Satisfaction Index. In light of that research, it's interesting that the top online retailers' email programs use promotional subject lines the vast majority of the time.
  • The Politics Of Raising Money
    From pitching swag to setting up raffles to giving away a mother's prized pie recipe: here's what the candidates were up to in email last week.
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