• The Novelty Of Print: Is Email Being Replaced By Catalogs?
    What are millennials reading? Some experts say they cherish paper catalogs. 'That doesn't mean you should give up email.
  • Princeton Team Finds Email Security Hole
    Princeton researchers have identified a new security threat: The gleaning of email addresses with invisible log-in forms.
  • Breaking Through The Shield: Why The GDPR May Not Be So Bad
    Stop listening to the alarmists: It looks like the EU is going to be fair-minded when judging GDPR violations.
  • How Email Fits In The Digital Marketing Mix
    Brands cite email as one of the easiest tactics to use. But they don't see it as the most effective one going into 2018.
  • Love In The Inbox: Americans Are Tied To Email, Study Finds
    Consumers are addicted to email, according to a study from Fluent. And that is especially true for Millennials.
  • What Email Marketers Dislike About Their ESPs
    Emailers are seeking more nimble service from their ESPs. That's why some are switching.
  • Yuletide Phishing: Attacks And Clicks Are On The Rise
    Spam emails peaked two days after Cyber Monday this year. Why? The opportunity presented by human behavior.
  • ESP Disconnect: C-Level Execs Are OK With Service, End Users Aren't
    Large email marketers are unhappy with their ESPs -- but few plan to change them. And it depends on their job title.
  • Email Exceptionalism: Americans Like Achievement-Based Subject Lines
    A recent poll shows Americans respond best to email subject lines that stress achievement, whereas British consumers are affected by those that suggest anxiety.
  • Net Neutrality Repeal: The End Of Email Marketing?
    The repeal of net neutrality is bad for email marketers, and consumers, experts say.
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