• FTC Rejects Pleas for Exemptions From Spam Law
    In the one year that Can-Spam's been the law of the land, most e-mail marketers have learned to live with its requirements -- such as providing valid opt-out links in commercial e-mails.
  • Emailing You Some Predictions For 2005
    Any wanna-be pundit can produce the perfunctory industry predictions at year-end--even this one. But some of these predictions may surprise you.
  • A Beast Among Us
    Reality TV had nothing on the Web last week as I watched an edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting story unfold: a story worthy of anything shown on "Law and Order."
  • What Were They Thinking?
    In one of the most bone-headed decisions by any corporate entity since New Coke was released, Lycos Europe has developed (and until recently) was distributing a screensaver that would issue denial of service attacks against servers housing alleged spammers.
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