• 3 Years Out: That's When Shoppers Can Expect To See Great, AI-Driven Service
    Retailers are using new technology, but need improvement in several areas, BRP finds in a study.
  • Gmail Smoke: What's The Harm In App Integrations?
    Gmail is being pilloried for "continuing" a permission-based practice that it never said it stopped.
  • Retail Shoppers Say: We Like Email, But Enough Is Enough
    Consumers prefer email, but many will not open messages because of inbox glut or irrelevant offers, Yes Lifecycle Marketing finds.
  • The Sorry State Of Email Salaries: They're Flat, Study Shows
    There are more jobs for email pros, but salaries aren't exactly exploding, the Creative Group reports.
  • Brands Use Email But Spend On Martech, Study Shows
    Email and social are the most widely used channels, Moore Stephens and WARC report.
  • Transatlantic Firestorm: The First Formal Action Under GDPR
    A Canadian firm has been hit with a UK enforcement notice for its purported data handling during and after the Brexit campaign.
  • Phishing, Vishing And Smishing: Organized Cybercrime Under GDPR
    Far from helping, GDPR may be harming cybercrime investigations by cutting off data, Europe warns.
  • Tech Triumph: Study Shows Effect Of AI On Email
    AI users pull higher email open rates and conversions than non-users, The Relevancy Group finds in a study sponsored by Return Path.
  • The History Of Inedible Spam: A Junk Email Timeline
    Do you know when people started using the word "spam" to denote unsolicited email? Or when the practice of sending it started? Here's a timeline.
  • Doing Good By Email: Channel Ranks With Social In Donor Popularity
    Social media narrowly tops email worldwide. But email wins among big donors and conservatives.
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