• Slowpoke Email: Consumers Say It Tanks As A Service Vehicle
    Email is rated as slower and less effective than the phone in resolving customer issues. But no channel is preferred by over 50%, The Northridge Group finds.
  • Inbox Politics: Are Conservative Voices Being Driven To Email?
    Had enough of the screaming in social media? People who say they're being blocked there are sending email newsletters -- only to people who want them.
  • Santa's Workshop: Design Tips For Holiday Emails
    From emojis to animation, there are many creative features that can add warmth to Yuletide messages.
  • Email Matchmaker: Unique Identifier Seen As The Link Between Ad Tech And Martech
    Companies have separate departments for prospecting and nurturing. They need to leverage the same data, says PowerInBox CEO Jeff Kupietzky.
  • The Holes In The Tech Stack: Too Few Firms Have The Right Personalization Tools
    Over two-thirds of firms lack confidence in their ability to personalize, Forrester reports.
  • Study: Brands Are Turning Away From Gated Content And Web Forms
    Too many firms still rely on forms and slow follow-up emails or calls, Drift reports.
  • Subject Lines That Push Your Buttons: The Top Ten Phishing Openers
    Consumers are falling for subject lines that play on their security fears, KnowBe4 reports.
  • The Attribution Gulf: Too Few Brands Are Getting It Right
    Email marketers must turn to algorithm-driven multi-touch attribution, if i-com is correct.
  • Email Bunker: Startup Is Offering In-Home Servers
    Helm, a new email service, is providing consumers with their own in-home servers in a bid to let them control their own data..
  • The Warmth Factor: A Pricey Tech Stack Alone Won't Lead To Good Customer Relations
    "Harvard Business Review" study shows that email is second-most used digital channel -- but less than a third of companies are good at it.
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