• Stuck In The Funnel: Email Works Best Only In the Middle
    Moving leads through the funnel is no easy thing. Most firms have little grasp of funnel ROI, GetResponse reports.
  • Feasting On Cyber Monday: The Email Outlook
    Free shipping drives the highest conversions, but few brands are using them, Yes Marketing reports.
  • The Retail Mystique: How 10 Brands Are Engaging Women With Email
    Chico's is rated No. 1 for providing a good customer experience to women, Customer Portfolios reports.
  • Lawyers Make The Case For Email Newsletters
    The best e-letters from law firms are relevant and easy to read, Greentarget and Zeughauser Group report.
  • We Want It All: Consumers Demand Omnichannel Experience
    Most consumers put email first for two-way communications, followed by phone and websites, the CMO Council reports.
  • Phoning In The Holiday: Most Shoppers Will Research Purchases On Mobile
    Half of shoppers will buy in-store, including large numbers of baby boomers and Generation Z, Shopkick reports.
  • Email Thuggery: Almost Half Of Workforce Gets Phishing Emails Once A Week
    Most companies face constant threats, and a quarter receive them daily, GreatHorn finds in its 2019 email security study.
  • You Can't Win For Losing Under GDPR
    Sprint Education suffered a one-time data breach, but quickly turned it around. Meanwhile, 30% of firms still are not compliant with GDPR.
  • Cyber Crackdown: UK Agency Reports Dwindling Number Of Attacks
    The number of attacks has declined, but GDPR may be getting in the way of reporting. Desperate crooks are turning to 160-year-old scams.
  • Big Bucks In BEC: The Crooks Are Making Billions, Government Report Says
    Financial and governmental institutions are being widely victimized. And most of the stolen money is staying right in the U.S.
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