• 1-to-1 In B2B: Buyers Now Demand Super-Personalized Emails
    B2B buyers want interactions tailored to their firm's organization and pain points, Capgemini reports.
  • Deep Digital: How Customer Engagement Changed During The Pandemic
    Most brands worldwide say they would have been severely hurt last year if they had not digitized, Twilio reports.
  • Not In My Inbox: Consumers Say, 'We Didn't Sign Up For These SMB Emails'
    But the main reason people unsubscribe is because of the sheer frequency of emails, The Manifest reports.
  • The CX Squeeze: Are Brands Really Ready For The Digital Future?
    Some companies believe unless they achieve CX transformation now they won't be around in 10 years -- but most think they're doing fine. Customers don't agree, Merkle reports.
  • Retail Renaissance: Brands Share Outlook For 2021
    Sales were up for most retailers in 2020. And brands are planning technology investments in 2021, Digital Commerce 360 reports.
  • Winning Engagement: Brands Are Spending More On Messaging
    Firms that see themselves as excellent at engagement are more likely to spend more.
  • Raising Their Hand: Intent Data Is Now Widely Used In B2B
    Ninety-seven percent of marketers in a recent study said intent data will give them a competitive advantage in the year ahead, Ascend2 reports.
  • Fishing In The Data Lake: Can You Catch Email Identifiers?
    Data lakes can help marketers identify consumers across devices and channels, Viant contends, in a white paper released Wednesday.
  • Game Playing: Customer Service Lags At Gaming Firms
    Only 54% of gaming companies have an easily accessible email address, Netomi reports.
  • Passe Passwords: Some Firms Are Moving Away From Using Them
    Passwordless technology helps firms improve their security and the user experience, Cybersecurity Insiders reports.
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