• Scattered Data: CDPs Are Needed To Pull It All Together, Study Says
    Data is being sent to an average of eight platforms, with email at no. 2, according to a report by Segment.
  • What's Next For CX? Brands Are Lagging At It, Study Finds
    Most firms lack enterprise-wide CX analytics, and few are gaining context-based insights, NTT reports.
  • Political Email Dumpster: Messages Are Landing in Gmail Promo Tab, Report Alleges
    Is Gmail throttling political emails? A new report from The Markup claims that it is.
  • Fund-Raising Buddies: Email And Direct Mail Should Be Used Together
    It's hard to say which channel influences the other most. But EveryAction is determined to pinpoint this in its new study.
  • Consumer Quid Pro Quo: They're Willing To Share Email For Promotions, Study Finds
    But everyone wants personalized content, and younger people demand it, Adlucent reports.
  • Going Public On Anonymous Data
    App providers Edison Mail and Foxintelligence say all their email data has been anonymized.
  • Does Data Need A Minder? Senate Bill Would Create One
    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's new bill would set up a federal data protection with extensive powers.
  • Silly Fines: Some GDPR Penalties Are Not Worth The Trouble
    The highest fine was EUR50 million against Google. But there was also one for EUR90, Privacy Affairs reports.
  • Taking The Work Out Of The Customer Experience
    Consumers want clarity and ease of use when signing on with brands, a Broadridge study finds.
  • First Responders: Phone And Email Are The Go-To Channels For Customer Support
    But many also use texting and in-app messaging to reach out, UJET reports.
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