• Creatives Count -- And They're Taking On New Tasks, Survey Finds
    Almost 90% of execs surveyed agree that creative work is important for driving business objectives, InSource reports.
  • The Shadow You And The Real You
    Digital privacy may take a hit, thanks to new products that can help firms to gain insights into website traffic.
  • Catalog Renaissance: How Well-Designed Books Drive Email Results
    A luxury jewelry seller saw staggering results when it launched a print catalog and tested it with email.
  • A Taste Of 2020 Trends: Twilio Outlines Five Areas Of Change
    From email to apps, there is a "seismic shift in the way companies engage with customers," Twilio states.
  • CCPA Out Of The Gate: The Suit Against Salesforce And Hanna Andersson
    The class-action suit alleges a data breach, cites CCPA -- but does not invoke it as law.
  • Spamhaus Invasion: Name Of Group Misused In Phishing Email
    Emails claiming to be from an anti-spam group say, 'Urgently Take Action.' Those who click will be fed malware. Can it get any worse?
  • From Click To Conversion: Who's Best At Driving Closings Per Email
    Ecommerce firms differ in their success in driving conversions. Arts and Crafts have the highest rate, while baby care firms have the lowest, Sailthru reports.
  • Opt Me Out: When And Where People Unsubscribe
    Mobile dominates opt-out activity. And Yahoo is the service provider that experiences the most opt-outs, OPTiZMO reports.
  • Election Insecurity: Campaigns Fail To Protect Themselves Against Spoofing
    The safest candidates are Biden, Bloomberg and Steyer. The most vulnerable are Trump and Sanders, FireOak Strategies reports.
  • The Privacy Process Runaround: Do Your Vendors Really Help You Comply?
    Less than a fifth of companies are well-prepared for laws like GDPR and CCPA, Winterberry Group reports. Here's what they need to handle access and consent requirements.
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