• Holiday Sweet Spot: Email Conversion Rate Up 32% For Black Friday
    Impressions and clicks were up in several categories, LiveIntent and MediaRadar report.
  • 50/50 Hindsight: Predictions For 2021, And How They Mirror Those Of 2020
    The pandemic drove online shopping, and the consolidation trend continued unabated. None of that will change in 2021.
  • The Politics Of Shopping: Blue State Consumers Less Likely To Shop In-Store
    Store traffic surged in some red states and declined in some blue ones, Esquire Advertising reports.
  • Self Service -- Just What You Ordered
    Brands have cut back their phone operations in favor of online service during the pandemic, ResultsCX reports.
  • Millennials Say: 'Enough Emails.' They Demand Relevance, Study Shows
    Few millennials demonstrate brand loyalty. But personalized emails can help turn them into loyalists, SmarterHQ reports.
  • Best In Show: How The Top Brands Run Their CRM
    Email KPIs are the main metrics being measured. But there's a split between how best-in-class firms and everyone else conduct email, tinyclues reports.
  • The DNA Payday: How Marketers Might Use And Abuse Genetic Data
    DNA information could fuel real-time email and web campaigns, judging by a Wharton study.
  • The BOPIS Way: Consumers Are Shopping Online And Picking Up In-Store This Season
    This year's hot delivery trend is BOPIS/Curbside Pickup, according to studies by StitcherAds and Adobe. But will shoppers continue after the holidays?
  • The Scammer's Toolbox: How Cyber Criminals Pursue Swindles And Phishing With Email
    A study by Barracuda of phishing attacks finds that 71% of all phishing emails contain malicious URLs.
  • Operation Marketing Tech: What Brands Are Looking For, And How They're Doing
    The biggest obstacle when implementing marketing technology is budget. But most firms are succeeding, Ascend2 reports.
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