• You Were There: Five Big News Stories Of 2018
    There were good and bad developments this year. Here are the ones that matter most.
  • The 2019 Navigator: Get Ready For Voice And Video In Emails
    The good news is that email marketers will have new advanced technologies at their command. The bad news is that they may face GDPR-style legislation in the U.S.
  • Are Millennials Sentimental About Christmas?
    Millennials are more likely than other age cohorts to shop online. But they're traditional in one respect: They prefer paper greeting cards.
  • The ABCs Of ABM: A Guide To Best Practices In B2B
    Want to get out targeted emails and other forms of content? Deploy ABM tools, MarTech Today advises.
  • List Muffling: A Guide To Email Name Suppression
    There are both regulatory and marketing reasons to suppress email addresses, OPTIZMO advises in a new paper.
  • Marketing Twofer: Email And Direct Mail Work Best Together, Study Finds
    A joint email and direct mail campaign pulls six times the incremental revenue of an email-only effort, Go Inspire Group reports.
  • Five Ways To Make It In 2019: A Forecast
    From voice to AI, there may be some big changes in email marketing next year.
  • UK Data Protection Cases Rose Markedly in 2018: Report
    There have been 21,162 data cases this year, an 87% increase over 2017, GDPRPLAN.com reports.
  • Email Symbiosis: How Channel Is Linked With Other Marketing Media
    Email is the second most utilized medium, Salesforce finds in this year's State of Marketing study. And most top performers sync their commerce systems with marketing emails.
  • Brand Peril: Marketers See Threats From Email Spoofing
    Firms fear their brands will be hurt by impersonation attacks -- but IT people are more concerned than marketers, according to a study.
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