• Facebook In About Face: It Now Dumps 'Data Brokers'
    Facebook, which has relied on firms like Acxiom to drive targeted ads, now says it will no longer use them.
  • Will Microsoft's New Terms Lead To Email Censorship?
    Where do you draw the line when using common Anglo-Saxonisms in email copy? Microsoft may tell you -- by shutting off your service.
  • The GDPR Brain Buster: Firms Can't Decipher Many Provisions
    About the only thing that everyone understands about GDPR is the date. Some of the other elements are confusing.
  • Truth In Email IDs: Yahoo Mail Tests New Brand Safety Standard
    The Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard allows brand logos to appear next to emails in the inbox list.
  • Facebook Paranoia: Have Consumers Had Enough?
    One wonders how Facebook served ads for funeral services before the person even died, as a consumer has alleged. Can the company really read your emails?
  • Bridging The Gap To Mobile: A Q&A with Bridge CEO Robert Rose
    Bridge claims it has solved the persistent problem of linking emails with mobile devices. Here's how.
  • CLOUD Act Hitches A Ride With Spending Bill
    The DOJ-Microsoft case could be resolved, thanks to the inclusion of the CLOUD Act in the omnibus spending bill.
  • Digital Nightmare: Facebook Scandal Threatens Everyone
    GDPR is being over-hyped? What's over-hyped about the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica affair?
  • It's Not For You To Know: Consumers Loath To Share Personal Data, Study Shows
    A study from Episerver shows that consumers will not share data in return for more relevant offers. But other surveys show they do want personalization -- especially by email.
  • Email Hit Parade: The Top Retailers, As Ranked By Coherent Path
    Many retailers are failing to follow email best practices. Here's a roster of who is and who isn't.
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