• Busting Boomer Myths: Four Canards About Email Marketing To Seniors
    It's hard to put all Baby Boomers into one bag. Here are some falsehoods to keep in mind.
  • Monkey Business At MailChimp: Felons Are Using Network To Send Malware, Reports Say
    MailChimp email accounts are being used to send malware. Pundits wonder: How did it happen?
  • Transactional Emails Work If You Work Them: Benchmark Study
    Almost all firms see transactional emails as important -- but many lack the processes to make sure they are correctly done, SparkPost finds in a survey.
  • Sign And Deliver: Email Signups And Fill-Ins Under GDPR
    Getting people to subscribe to emails isn't as easy as it used to be. Here's a survey from Holistic on best and worst practice.
  • Emai ROI Checkup, Sector By Sector
    It might surprise you which areas perform best in email ROI. It's the print/publishing and charity sectors, according to a study by Adestra.
  • Tennessee Hack Attack: Democrat's Campaign Hit By Criminal Emailers
    In an email to supporters, Tennessee Democrat Phil Bredesen says his campaign was hacked.
  • Telltale Email: Channel Ranks Fourth As A Data Source, First As An Identifier
    Marketers are confident in their data-driven marketing capabilities -- and email plays a key role, the study finds.
  • New-Age Grifters: Email A Big Fraud Channel, BBB Reports
    There are two major findings in the BBB tracking report: Young people are more open to fraud, and email contributes to cyber crime.
  • Boot Camp Revisited: An Email Cheat Sheet From Dotmailer
    Dotmailer offers a refresher course on email best practices. Have you forgotten these old rules?
  • The Supremes Follow The Data -- But Will They Get It Right In Microsoft Case?
    Many arguments were made in the Microsoft case last week -- but the outcome may depend on how well the Justices understand the technology.
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