• A Merry Mobile Friday: Phone Usage Rose To 70%, But Desktops Drove Conversions
    Email helps get shoppers to digital storefronts on Black Friday. But deals were spread out over two months for some brands, Akamai reports.
  • Digital Life And Death: SMBs Have To Adapt Now, CEO Warns
    Small businesses are almost out of time in moving to digital, says Steffen Schebesta, CEO of North America for Sendinblue. Here's what he advises.
  • Can AI Write? Firm Uses Technology To Create Email Subject Lines
    A poll of journalists and PR experts found that AI-written subject lines were well done. But would people who found them in their inbox respond?
  • Is The Email Customer Experience A Black Hole? Yes -- For 30% Of Ecommerce Brands
    A staggering 41% of global ecommerce companies do not offer email customer support, Netomi reports. But DC Shoes exceeds the ecommerce benchmark for email support, among other top performers.
  • Ecommerce Eats: Consumers Turn To Online Grocery Shopping
    Three-fourths of all shoppers now buy groceries online, Clinch reports. And they want personalized messaging.
  • Pandemic Entitlement: Consumers Demand More Online, Experian Finds
    Some shoppers are quick to abandon carts.The good news is that most feel their online expectations are being met.
  • The Big Shift: How Brands, Vendors And Subscribers Changed Their Email Behaviors During COVID-19
    Email volume and response to pandemic-related emails boomed in the spring, but have evened off, Validity reports.
  • Dumping The Cart: Why Shoppers Are Abandoning Purchases This Holiday Season
    Some abandon carts because the website is loading too slowly, while others do so due to privacy concerns, Akamai reports.
  • Email In The Time Of A Pandemic: Channel Is Most Favored By Consumers
    Digital use has risen due to the COVID-19 crisis, and consumers like email because it is convenient and reliable, the CMO Council reports.
  • Attribution Haves And Have-Nots: Most Firms Are Investing In It
    Almost half of brands have implemented a strategy, and others are rolling one out or planning to, Ascend2 reports.
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