• The CX Courtship: How B2B Brands Get To The Partnership Stage
    Over a third of B2B buyers say it is difficult to choose the final supplier, Merkle reports.
  • Mapping The Customer Odyssey: Large Firms Say They're Good At It
    Almost all enterprise companies are seeing some level of success at journey mapping, Ansira and Ascend2 report.
  • Phantom Clicks: Non-Human Intervention Distorts Email Marketing Metrics, Study Finds
    Security click-throughs get registered as clicks -- on a massive scale, says the Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group.
  • College Kids Click Through: They're More Engaged With Email During COVID-19 Crisis
    Opens, clicks and click-to-open ratios are soaring as students scan their inbox for updates and other critical information, Emma reports.
  • Garden Variety Emails: Top Retailers Sent Few Personalized Messages In October
    Travel & Hospitality brands sent few emails. But Saks and Bloomingdale's were active on the retail side, SmarterHQ reports.
  • The Q3 Count: Email Opens and Conversions Jumped YoY
    Email clicks fell, but other metrics rose in Q3. And SMS results are up, Omnisend reports.
  • Scatterbrained CDPs: Some Firms Still Can't Synchronize Their Websites And Email
    CDPs provide many benefits, and that's why almost two-thirds of companies with $50 million in revenue have them, London Research and BlueVenn say.
  • Hot Headhunting: AI-Driven Recruiting Firm Sees Uptick In Sales/Marketing Hiring
    Candidate searches are on the rebound following layoffs in March, says TopFunnel CEO Justin Palmer.
  • Buzzword Binge: Emails Are Becoming More Formal, Study Finds
    Almost half of U.S. brands are falling back on 'safe,' robotic corporate-speak," Schwa reports.
  • The Gate Swings Both Ways: Don't Make It Too Hard To Access B2B Content
    Two-thirds of B2Bs gate content, and that's only one aggravation readers face. But brands believe in their content marketing, Finite reports.
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