• Digital Comfort Zones: Consumers Like To Contact Firms By Email, Millennials Prefer Social
    Baby boomers are more likely to share personal data and millennials are less likely to do so, a study by Visual Objects finds.
  • Running After Digital: Dell Study Shows Barriers To Success
    A third of firms aren't ready for GDPR -- and a third don't feel they can protect customer privacy.
  • Rules Of Engagement: The Big Hole In Email Deliverability
    Not all marketers understand that Gmail and other email services use engagement to determine delivery, Return Path finds in a study.
  • Spring Crunch: How To Get The Most From Your April Holiday Emails
    SendGrid offers tips on the very busy promotion season coming up.
  • Are You A Cyber Mark? Study Finds Varying Levels Of Ignorance
    Millennials are not the most savvy when it comes to email phishing attacks. That distinction belongs to baby boomers, Proofpoint reports.
  • Corrupt Creative: The Top Ten Phishing Subject Lines Of 2018
    Each of these successful gems falls into one of five categories: delivery, passwords, company practice, vacation or IT departments.
  • Getting By With RFPs: CEOs Think They're Fine For Choosing Email Service Providers
    People in the trenches don't agree that the RFP is all you need, MessageGears reports.
  • Choking At Checkout: Why Shoppers Abandon Carts
    Are you in charge of sending cart abandonment emails? It may pay to find out why people are leaving. A new study by Metrical and Skava sheds some light.
  • The Marketing MO On AI: Firms Use It More For Accounting
    Visionaries are more likely to use AI in general, and fewer people are afraid of it, Genpact finds.
  • How Email Stacks Up: A Q&A With Toluna's Janice Caston
    Are you personalizing your email -- right down to the time of day it is sent? Here are some insights on how to run a tailored email program.
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