• Fear Of Change: What Marketers Really Think About AI
    Most marketers don't understand artificial intelligence. And some say it will lead to job loss, a new study shows.
  • Channel Chauvinism: Is Social Really Gaining On Email?
    Social may be gaining on email -- but these survey stats don't show it.
  • Inside The AI Funhouse: An Interview With Act-On's Michelle Huff
    Act-On's Michelle Huff discusses the challenges -- and opportunities -- of marketing technology.
  • Who Takes The Hit? Vendor Not Liable For 'Fraudulent' Emails, Court Rules
    Email senders are not liable for fraudulent emails -- the advertisers are, a court has ruled.
  • Will The Equifax Data Breach Lead To Email Skullduggery?
    Email scam artists may be exploiting the recent data breach. Experts warn: Don't click on links.
  • Bigger Isn't Better: Why Enterprise Firms Have Trouble With Email
    Enterprise companies face challenges when sending email. MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette explains why.
  • Starring In Your Own Email: How To Let Consumers Drive DIY Content
    User-generated content is now possible in email, thanks to some new services.
  • Baby Talk: Amazon Apologizes For 'Inadvertent' Registry Email
    it's not often we can have a laugh at Amazon's expense. But this week's gaffe is good for a few yuks.
  • Hardly Second Best: Email Is Strong No. 2 In Event Marketing
    Email remains the second medium of choice for both event marketers and attendees.
  • How To Make Your Small Business Sound BIG
    Email copywriting is easier than you think. Just keep it short and simple - and use graphics!
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