• Upping The Opt-In: The New Way To Attract Email Subs
    You may soon need multiple layers of permission -- at least in Europe. We may be reaching the age of the triple or even quadruple opt-in, in which the consumer will have to give explicit permission for each of several activities.
  • Gmail Meltdown: What Actually Happened On Tuesday Night?
    Google experiences worldwide service disruptions. What does it mean for email marketers?
  • Response In A Heartbeat: The Art Of Intelligent Content
    Marketers can serve customers with effective contextual emails. Ask HSN.
  • Top Dogs: Most Emailers Think They're Beating Their Competitors
    Email marketers think they're doing better than their competitors. Personalization is their goal -- and their biggest challenge.
  • Smart Content: How To Put Context Into Email
    Movable Ink helps firms use data to drive content. Here's an update from CEO Vivek Sharma.
  • Anarchy In The UK: Studies Show Firms Are Not Ready For GDPR
    UK marketers are woefully unprepared for GDPR, studies show.
  • Does Email Have Legs? Two Studies Disagree On The Answer
    It's a case of competing surveys. Two studies by the CMO Council and Marketo disagree on the impact of email.
  • You're In Good Hands: Nurturing Insurance Prospects With Email
    Insurance marketing via email is a complicated process. Here are some tips from Jornaya.
  • Hot Bots: The Growing Threat To Email Marketers
    Bots are infiltrating everything from apps to email. But they can be detected and blocked.
  • Email Goes To College: It's A Top Recruiting Channel, Study Shows
    Email is used by virtually all colleges, according to a study. But texting is creeping up on it.
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