• Shoemaker's Children
    You know the saying: shoemaker's children go barefoot. Nowhere is this more evident than in technology companies in general, and more specifically, technology companies that market "marketing technologies" to agencies and advertisers. Since this is an email column, I'm going to go into specifics about email technology companies in a second, but first let me set up the problem.
  • What Happened?
    A few years ago, rich media email was all the rage. Companies like Dynamics Direct, TMX Interactive, Audiobase, Mind Arrow, and Radical Mail were all touting their wares at big ticket conferences and opening branch offices around the country like a Seattle coffee franchise. I, myself, used to put on whole road shows dedicated to rich media email. But while rich media on web sites, banners, and floating ads grew in prominence over the last few years, rich media email seems to have just about faded from view. What happened?
  • Driving The Spike
    This may not be my greatest column--and it's all your fault. I had so many requests for the Market Sector report last week (and the requests are still coming in) that I decided to post the whole thing to my Web site. Of course, I had to figure out how to create percentages in Crystal Decisions, and then I thought it would be cool to add some graphs, and of course I spent a ton of time getting the formatting correct. But naturally, it meant that the time I was supposed to be working on this column got frittered away …
  • Ups and Downs
    This week I have another free email report for all of you. You'll have to read the article or at least scroll to the bottom to see what it is, but first:
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