• The Affiliate Agenda: How To Pick A Good Email Lead Source
    Affiliate programs work -- if all players are following best practices, OPTIZMO says.
  • Email Holiday Splurge: Shoppers Are Spending More This Year
    Shoppers plan to spend more this holiday season -- and email is the leading channel, outperforming social media, a Tinuiti study finds.
  • The Email Generations: All Age Groups Prefer Email Over Messaging Apps
    Workers cite email's convenience and flexibility. And they dislike switching between apps, Spike reports.
  • Email Credentials: Twilio's CMO On The SendGrid Integration
    Sara Varni has one email newsletter for developers and may start another for non-techies. But email is only part of the marketing mix, she emphasizes.
  • The Roadblock To The Inbox: Deliverability Grows As An Issue
    It's the fastest-growing problem, although inbox crowding remains the biggest challenge, Validity and DemandMetric report.
  • The High Cost Of Discounts: Brands Are Overdoing It, Study Shows
    Gearing up for Black Friday? Better look at these optimal discounts from RevTrax first.
  • This Is It: Last Changes In CCPA Await Governor's Signature
    One amendment requires that data brokers register with the state AG. But B2B firms have a one-year exemption for some provisions.
  • Batch And Blast PR: Why Reporters Ignore Public Relations Emails
    Emails are seen as useless when they contain overt marketing and have unclear subject lines, PR Newswire finds in a study.
  • Email Morale: Consumers Are Checking Their Inboxes Less, Adobe Reports
    But consumers are still spending over three hours a day on work emails, and over two hours on personal messages, a study finds.
  • The Pride Of Personalization: Sephora, Nordstrom Head Top 10 List
    The Sailthru Index ranks retail brands by performance in several channels, including email.
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