• This Is It: Last Changes In CCPA Await Governor's Signature
    One amendment requires that data brokers register with the state AG. But B2B firms have a one-year exemption for some provisions.
  • Batch And Blast PR: Why Reporters Ignore Public Relations Emails
    Emails are seen as useless when they contain overt marketing and have unclear subject lines, PR Newswire finds in a study.
  • Email Morale: Consumers Are Checking Their Inboxes Less, Adobe Reports
    But consumers are still spending over three hours a day on work emails, and over two hours on personal messages, a study finds.
  • The Pride Of Personalization: Sephora, Nordstrom Head Top 10 List
    The Sailthru Index ranks retail brands by performance in several channels, including email.
  • Table Stakes: Most Retailers Stuck At The Basic Personalization Level
    Almost 90% now use personalization, but not many are at the advanced stage, Liveclicker and The Relevancy Group report.
  • Email Thrills SMBs: Most Are Using It To Send Content
    Small firms are succeeding with their email content strategies, yet face challenges such as improving the quality of leads, SharpSpring and Ascend2 report.
  • Wi-Fi Worries: Consumers Use Public Services Despite Privacy Fears
    A BullGuard study finds Germans are more concerned about privacy than British and American consumers.
  • GDPR Truants: Less Than Half Are Fully Complying
    A study shows that less than half of businesses are in compliance in the UK, and many are now less interested in GDPR.
  • B2B Channel Wrestling: Which Is First, Email Or Direct Mail?
    Statistics show that marketers rate paper mail as more efficient than email. But both have their place in the mix.
  • End-Of-Summer Blast: Retailers Sent More Email, Little Of It For Back-To-School
    Neiman Marcus sent the most emails of any retail brand, but none were personalized, SmarterHQ reports.
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