• I'll Have My Email Well Done: Customer Service And Email Marketing
    Chatbox and phone may be on top, but email remains a strong customer service tool.
  • Legal Gray Zone: Firms Sued For Sending Unsolicited Email
    Several firms are fighting a lawsuit over alleged spamming and misleading copy.
  • Email Enemies List: The U.S. Still Wants Data On 1.3 Million Protest Site Visitors
    The government wants data on visitors to a protest web site.
  • The Spam Jam: Should Consumers Use The Unsubscribe Button?
    Two observers confront each other over use of the email unsubscribe button. Should people unsubscribe or push perceived spam into the junk mail folder?
  • B2B Beeline: Speeding Prospects Through The Funnel
    Marketing and sales are becoming more aligned in B2B -- but they need to use tactics like drip email and surveys.
  • An Email Named Desire: Millennials Want Personalized Retail Messages
    Who knew? Half of Millennials like to shop in-store. And they welcome personalized emails.
  • Hidden Rot: Association Email Lists Are Filled With Decay
    A study shows that association email lists are riddled with errors. And executives don't even know it.
  • Email Bombshell: Email Use Grows As Firms Deploy Collaboration Apps
    Collaboration apps are a relatively new technology. But they haven't replaced that old standby: Email.
  • A Total Data Eclipse: Five Things You Need To Know About GDPR
    The General Data Protection Regulation seems to be getting almost as much media coverage as today's eclipse. Here are five tidbits you may not know about the GDPR and related manners.
  • Let's Get Engaged: Does Email Still Lead The Customer Experience?
    Email is the most preferred channel for many activities in both B2B and B2C. But not all.
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