• Nowhere To Hide: Internet Vendors On The Hot Seat After Charlottesville
    White supremacist sites have been cut off by web hosting and email vendors. But what happens now?
  • Automation Dive: Who's Using It -- And How -- In B2B
    Marketing automation is catching on with B2B companies. And the most popular application is email, a study shows.
  • Zoho And SendGrid Boot The Daily Stormer As An Email Client
    Email vendors are lining up against the hateful content put out by The Daily Stormer, following the killing of Heather Heyer. They have said, in effect: We can no longer serve you.
  • Ditch The Smiley Face: Study Finds Emojis Don't Work In The Office
    Smiley face emojis cause grimaces in the workplace. The sender's competence is likely to be questioned, a study shows.
  • Millennial Email Overload: Study Shows Constant Checking Leads To Stress
    Millennials may be burning out on email. They check their work messages at all times, and this is creating stress, a study shows. What does it mean to marketers?
  • Comply Or Get Soaked: Evidon CEO Scott Meyer On Privacy In Europe
    U.S. companies that do business in Europe are scrambling to comply with GDPR. In an interview, Evidon CEO Scott Meyer tells marketers what they need to know.
  • You Have The Lead, Now Use It: The Lag In Email Follow-Up
    B2B marketers take their sweet time when following up on event leads. Only 2% respond in the same day, according to a study by Certain.
  • The Open Rate Thread: New Ways Of Looking At An Old Metric
    Want to get a better handle on your open rates? Analyze your reopens and time spent. And measure the click-to-open ratio.
  • The Orphan Cart: Four Out Of Ten Retailers Fail To Respond To Abandonments
    Retailers are good at many things -- but none offer incentives to return to abandoned purchases. And 40% do not send emails at all, a Kibo study shows.
  • Chewing Their Food For Them: How Content Drives B2B Purchases
    The Content Marketing Institute is offering a survey on the role of content in the B2B purchasing funnel.
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