• Email Marketing Lessons From Trump's Presidential Campaign
    Donald Trump just picked up another passel of Republican delegates in the Nevada caucuses this week. Although he's still far from the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination, Trump is now considered the candidate to beat. Love him or loathe him, email marketers could learn a few things from the apparent front-runner's campaign strategy and tactics. Put your own feeling aside and go with me on this:
  • The 5 Languages Of Email Love
    It's after Valentine's Day, but I'm still thinking about Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages. If you're not familiar with the concept, Chapman outlines five ways to express and experience love -- from "words of affirmation" to "physical touch." It's a cliched time of year, so I couldn't help myself from applying this same concept to how we approach email marketing. Are we giving email subscribers love in the way that they want to receive it? And if we pay more attention to the email love language they want to receive, will it drive engagement with our program?
  • Are Your Emails Delivering On Your Value Proposition?
    In recent months, something has been nagging at me. My inbox doesn't show as much consumer-first content as it should. Rather, I read myopic messages from brands that miss opportunities to delight me, as promised.
  • Buying Technology In Today's Time
    Why is buying marketing technology so hard? Are you the decision-maker, influencer or just the one who will inherit the solution others decide on? The reality of today is, buyers and budgets are shifting. Four years ago, Gartner predicted that by 2017, CMOs would be spending more on IT than the CIO. Whether this is already true in your organization or not, it does mean that there are more people who have a stake in IT buying decisions.
  • Optimizing For Mobile? You're Doing It Wrong!
    Marketers have been inundated with pleas to optimize their emails for mobile. It's good advice, given that B2C mobile readership is well above 50% and creeping north of 35% for B2B. But the issue isn't just "mobile versus desktop" but also "smartphone versus tablet versus desktop." Smartphone users view and act on emails and websites differently from tablet users, and both of them are different from desktop users. Also, these users can be the same people, interacting with the same email on more than one device. Here's how to understand and plan for all the variables that go into optimizing …
  • Putting Relationship (Marketing) Intelligence To Work In Email Marketing
    Some of the best email marketers I've met in my career are actually experts in relationships. They understand the give and take when it comes to communicating with customers, and put an emphasis on thoughtfully planned strategies across the customer lifecycle. Much like a good romantic partner, these marketers understand and anticipate what their customers want. In light of Valentine's Day, let's look at how you can use relationship smarts to be a better email marketer.
  • Love Ain't Cheap: Email & V-Day
    Two-week countdown to Valentine's Day, projected to exceed $19 billion in consumer spending in the U.S. This is the fourth biggest retail event of the year in the U.S. boasting an average order value of $174 ($190.53 for men and $ 96.58 for women). It gets even more interesting as you break down three key generations who each view the holiday quite differently.
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