• Trolling For Customers: Retailers Spend More For Acquisition Than Retention
    Transactional email gets short shrift in some budgets. But DTC brands are savvier than traditional ones, CommerceNext reports.
  • Deep Content: A Dive Into Goals And Success Metrics
    Content budgets are rising, but only moderately for most firms, Ascend2 reports.
  • Cyber Mayhem: Firms Are Being Harmed By Phishing Attacks
    A new study from Mimecast shows that 94% of all companies suffered phishing attacks over the past year.
  • The GDPR Saga: Most Of The Fines Have Been Small In First Year
    Of the EUR56 million in fines meted out, EUR50 million was imposed on Google. And Uber was hit with a EUR600,000 penalty.
  • Bigmouth Marketing: How To Run Controversial Email Campaigns
    It's easy to get burned when trying to stir the pot. Here are rules for trying to incite your audience.
  • Webinar Impresarios: Driving Attendance With Email
    The old channel is holding up, but there's a protocol in how and when to send, BrightTALK reports.
  • AI, Oh Why? Forrester Reports On What Brands Are Doing Wrong
    Most marketers are using AI for tactical, manual-driven tasks. They need to move into autonomous AI.
  • Too Big To Act Small: SMBs Spend Little Time And Money On Marketing
    Unpaid social media is their most effective channel, while email is one of the least, Outbound Engine reports.
  • Forever Free? Mailchimp Now Charges For Unsubscribed Emails
    Vendor is blasted for its new policy. But it counters that email unsubscribes may still be part of a broader multichannel audience.
  • Dumb And Dumber: Consumers Are Ignorant About Privacy, Expert Says
    Consumers have to be part of the process, and that requires effort on both sides, says Splice Software CEO Tara Kelly.
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