• California Jitters: Are Firms Ready For The CCPA?
    The DataGrail study shows most firms think they're almost ready. But some are not even compliant with GDPR.
  • Checking Out Of Paper Receipts: Will Email Work?
    A Mailjet study shows that e-receipts may be accompanied by privacy risks under GDPR.
  • The Good Guys Get Into The Inbox: Delivery Study
    Brands with clean lists and few complaints are much more likely to get their emails delivered, Return Path reports.
  • Is Google In The Luxury Goods Business?
    Google is now pursuing a privacy model -- its CEO says privacy is not a luxury good. But that phrase has to be backed up by good behavior.
  • Making The Payroll With Email Newsletters
    Publishers don't need to pass the basket. They can finance honest journalism with ads in their e-letters, says PowerInbox CEO Jeff Kupietzky.
  • Consumers Ignore Lengthy Disclosures
    Full product disclosures have minimal impact, even when backed up by email and SMS reminders -- and even when the info helps readers.
  • Digital Distemper: What Drives Shoppers Away From Websites And Carts
    Broken links to carts and checkout pages can drive people away, Decibel reports.
  • Data Immaturity: Many Firms Fail To Act On Customer Insights
    Even companies that put themselves at the top of the maturity scale may not have the right architecture in place, Cognetik reports.
  • Small Business, Big Tech: Salesforce Reports On What Drives SMBs
    Growing firms are more likely than stagnant ones to use email marketing technology to attract new customers.
  • CMO Hot Seat: They Need To Spend Less On Martech, More On Training
    CMOs are putting money into too many platforms, and they have to learn how to use the technology they buy and prove that it's helping the bottom line.
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