• Pandemic Watch: Email Opens Are Up, CTRs Down, Study Finds
    The travel field is hurting, but people may be reading retail emails for distraction, MessageGears reports.
  • 'Trump Health Bombshell': Pro-Prez E-Letter Raises Funds, Carries Cure-All Ads
    One ad implies that the President has benefitted from a purported stem cell product, HuffPost alleges.
  • In Crisis Mode: Real Estate Pros Seek Tech And Are Using Email During COVID-19 Outbreak
    Many agents are making greater use of personalization because they now have time to do it, a study by ActivePipe finds.
  • A Time Of Giving: Email Vendors Offer Free Support During COVID-19 Crisis
    Email on Acid, Movable Ink and Mailchimp are stepping up to help clients in need with complimentary services.
  • The Pandemic Barometer: Email Opens Are Up, But Revenue Down In Some Sectors
    Food is by far the number one shopping category, with non-essential items trailing in the distance, BounceX reports.
  • Words Matter: B2B Buyers Need Clear Product and Pricing Info, Study Says
    Salespeople drive B2B sales, but only to the extent that they offer clear information and have strong digital support, judging by Turning B2B Salespeople Into Strategic Advisors, a study by digital marketing firm Avionos.
  • COVID-19 Cyber Cons: Email Scams Are On The Rise
    A firm is offering $4.95 test kits by email, according to the first legal action filed by the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Does Empathy Stall Click-Throughs? COVID-19 Study Suggests It Does
    Email opens were up and click rates were down following Trump's COVID-19 travel ban, MessageGears reports.
  • The COVID-19 Playbook: What Not To Put In Emails
    Don't mention the virus or the pandemic in subject lines -- instead, simply acknowledge the situation, Worldata's Jay Schwedelson says.
  • Email Read Rates In Times Of A Pandemic
    Consumers are reading transportation/airline emails. But health and wellness emails are pulling lower read rates, SparkPost reports.
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