• Are You Ready To Add AI To Your Email Marketing?
    With all the buzz about artificial intelligence, email marketers need to have a plan for adding AI tools to their marketing mix. For most of us, it's not quite that easy. As with big data and content marketing, there is a lot of thought and planning required before you are ready to add AI to your email marketing. Here are four steps to help you get ready:
  • Where Can Email Marketing Take Your Career?
    It's quite all right to be a lifelong email marketer, since demand is certainly high. Many, however, want to leverage their skills to advance down a different path. If you're an all-knowing specialist/generalist in email marketing, here are ideas on where you can take your career next:
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Intelligent Messaging -- But Were Afraid To Ask
    I believe the world will change and all messaging will become intelligent, adapting to behaviors observed and expressed, controlled by consumer preference versus Pavlovian style promotional windows. I also believe the world will become more transactional in nature (think interaction management versus promotional messaging).
  • What Are Your Email Marketing 3-Point Plays?
    Now that we're deep into the NBA playoffs (that's basketball, for non-fans), it's time to roll out an idea I've been bouncing around. Data geeks and analytics have become as important to basketball strategy as instinct and deep understanding of the game and players. It's the same "Moneyball"-style phenomenon that reshaped baseball strategy, and it can guide your email marketing decision-making.
  • Tips To Overcome Testing Barriers
    How convenient would it be to have a focus group available to you whenever you had a burning question on the direction you should go with your marketing efforts? I have good news for you. You already have it! Every interaction with your consumer is a chance to learn and apply the results to pivot in a different direction.
  • Great Email Experiences Require New Thinking
    The other day, a friend sent an email saying she had declared email bankruptcy. With one mighty click and a mass email explanation, she accomplished the unthinkable: deleting all messages in order to begin anew at inbox zero. The irony wasn't lost on my overcrowded inbox, but when I received her message, the email marketer inside of me gulped. How many relevant offers - offers my friend actually wanted to engage with - had just been obliterated?
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