• Up Against The Holidays: Consumers Plan To Shop Online, But They Demand Great Service
    Twin studies show that shoppers want a seamless customer experience -- and personalization.
  • Multichannel Head Scratcher: Email Is First in Use, Fourth In Effectiveness
    Most B2B marketers are using multiple channels, and those that do see better results, PFL and Demand Metric report.
  • Open, Click, Buy: Automated Email Metrics Boomed In Q2
    Promotional email response rose by 29.37% YoY, but transactional opens and conversions jumped even more, Omnisend reports.
  • B2B Disconnect: Customers Are Frustrated With Communications
    Many want faster email response and clearer answers to questions, Drift and Heinz Marketing report.
  • You Can't Keep A Good Emailer Down: Firms Are Sending More, Despite Resource Issues
    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to email budget cuts in 40% of companies, and to increases in 11%, Litmus reports.
  • Recovery Rises: The Cross-Channel Outlook For 2020
    Alliant CEO JoAnne Monfradi Dunn advises brands to focus more on existing customers and less on acquisition.
  • Tech Phobia: Marketers Are Anxious About AI And Machine Learning
    Most companies have had to pivot from their 2020 marketing plans, but that's not what is making people most nervous, RR Donnelley reports.
  • Global Shudder: How Businesses And Customers Are Reacting To COVID-19
    More people are shopping online -- and they tend to favor firms that treated them fairly during the COVID-19 pandemic, Experian reports.
  • Don't Be A Clutterbug: Personalized Emails Are More Welcome Than Batch-And-Blast
    Retailers are the primary generator of overstuffed inboxes, with daily deals the most prevalent, SmarterHQ reports.
  • Is Your Content An Embarrassment? Study Shows It Will Dampen Email Results
    Decision makers are tired of COVID-19-related content and see some firms as jumping on the bandwagon, Diffusion reports.
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