The Comfy Customer: What Makes People Happy In The Era Of COVID-19

Given that few consumers felt good about their digital experiences in 2019, CCW Digital expected things would be even worse this year. 

But they were in for a surprise. In its annual CX Market Study, CCW found that COVID-19 has hastened digital adoption, and that 82% of consumers now feel more comfortable with it, depending on the channel.  

For instance, 32.05% feel more comfortable using email/chatbots or chat/messaging for all issues, and 50.12% for some.  

But brands have to be on their game: 59% say the experience plays a bigger role in deciding the brands they will support. And while things have improved, some customers are still frustrated with long wait times, multiple transfers, and unhelpful IVRs.

Last year, only 12% of consumers said their experiences were improving, and a mere 11% said that brands cared if they improved. 

In general, here’s what would make customers more comfortable: 

- The company will call you back at a convenient time instead of making you wait on hold — 52.90% 



- The company lets you get support via text message at your own convenience — 44.20$

- The company always responds to your social media mentions(praise or complaint) — 31.88% 

- The representative knows who you are and why you’re calling at the start of the call — 27.54%

- The company sends proactive sends proactive texts or emails containing necessary support information — 25.85% 

- Easier to find answers in the company’s knowledge base — 25.60%

- No need to answer clarification questions such as mother’s maiden name, favorite sports team, etc. — 25.54% 

CCW surveyed a panel of consumers in July. The group included all age groups, income levels and regions, the company says. 

Of those polled, 66% with consider switching to a competitor after one or two bad experiences. 

Drilling down, 51.80% would consider switching to a competitor after two bad experiences. Only 14.63% would jump after one, 21.34% after three and 9.83% after four or more. Another 2.40 think the customer experience doesn’t matter. 

What should you put in an email, chatbot or other type of communication? Here’s what people demand in a customer experience:

- Easy to find help on thee website/app — 60.63% 

- Access to a live agent if you need additional help — 59.66% 

- Easy to use on mobile devices — 54.83% 

- Can solve most or all issues within digital channel (no nee to escalate to phone) — 48.31% 

- Can easily escalate to phone if needed—38.65%

- Clear menus and interface — 36.23%

- Proof of security and privacy — 30.19% 

- Conversations are personalized to you/your account/your issue — 28.50%

- Can easily make payments within the online interface — 26.09% 

- Can share screen, vireos or documents with representative — 18.12%

Get ready. Here’s how customers will complain if they’re unhappy with an experience:

- Directly to the customer service rep or their manager/supervisor — 56.83% 

- Via a proper feedback survey — 55.16%

- Via an email/letter/comment after the conversation — 38.65% 

- To my close friends/family/coworkers — 46.28%

- Via social networks (like Facebook and Twitter) or review sites (like Yelp) — 27.34%

 - No — 5.28%




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