• Christmas Rush: Email Volume, Read Rates Rose During Holiday 2017
    Inboxes were crammed with emails, but delivery rates and read rates were above average, Return Path reports.
  • For The Love Of Email: Trusted Old Channel Ranks First In Survey
    Email is tops and direct mail is second. Few people prefer apps and the phone, a UK survey finds.
  • The Cloud Comes To The 'Times': Inside The New York Times' Email Operation
    The paper of record describes its new cloud-based email platform, designed to handle almost 4 billion emails a year, and growing.
  • Email Rules For Back-To-School
    The back-to-school season is so important that it has its own acronym: B2S. Here are some insights on the role of email.
  • Opt-In Data Haul: Fluent Leverages Content To Fuel Personalized Marketing
    Fluent gleans email addresses and other data from registrations on its many websites.
  • Snail Mail Makes The Race: How Email And Direct Mail Work Together
    Author and agency head Ron Jacobs explains why direct mail is still part of the media mix, and how it can supplement email marketing.
  • Authentically Yours: New BIMI Chair Hopes To Scale Up Email Logo Program
    Valimail's Seth Blank hopes to pull in more top brands and email providers. Yahoo Mail is now testing the new standard.
  • Don't Fall For The Shiny Moment: How Not To Deploy AI
    Email marketers need a strategy when deploying tools such as AI-otherwise, they're wasting their money, says pundit Ryan Phelan.
  • In The Air: Obstacles To Email Personalization
    Email marketers are limited in their use of personalization and many don't own their web forms, Holistic Email finds in a study.
  • Digital Doings: Email Ranks Third In Investment, Study Shows
    New Clutch study finds that most brands are reaching their goals in digital channels.
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