• Happy Emoji Day: Apple To Offer Over 70 New Images
    Emojis have been around since 1995. Later this year, Apple will offer emojis showing people with gray hair, red hair, no hair; images of kangaroos, peacocks, parrots and lobsters; mangoes, lettuce, cupcakes, moon cakes and other foodstuffs.
  • Brand Heist: How GRU Operatives Sent Spear-Phishing Emails
    Robert Mueller indictment details how Anatoliy Sergeyevich Kovalev hacked websites and sent malware via email.
  • The Adobe Formula For GDPR Compliance
    GDPR is live. But not all companies are complying in the same way. Adobe's Matt Rawding explains why.
  • Big Spender: U.S. Firms Budget More For GDPR Than EU, UK Outfits
    American firms have higher budgets, but are not yet as compliant, TrustArc found in a study.
  • Who, What, Where? Marketers Say They're Good At Attribution
    Email is the easiest channel to analyze, and paid search is second, Ascend2 finds in a study.
  • See No Evil: Employees Click Through Phishing Emails Despite Training
    A new study shows 54% of participant firms are plagued by phishing emails on a regular basis. And 85% say their employees need better inbox tools to avoid opening malicious messages.
  • Google's Grey Zone: Should It Let App Developers Scan Emails?
    The search giant is being pilloried for letting third parties access emails. But is that fair?
  • Solid Email Holds Its Own, But Not Much More: Study
    Open rates are up and delivery slightly down in a new benchmark study by the DMA.
  • Claudette Knows When You're Bad: The AI-Driven GDPR Compliance Tool
    European researchers have used machine learning to find that Google, Facebook and others are failing to live up to the GDPR gold standard.
  • You Can't Make It Up: GDPR Talk Gets More Bizarre
    Better clean your desk off at night--you could be subject to fines under the GDPR.
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