• Global Vibes: Study Finds Changing Behavior, Demographic Patterns
    People are more plugged in online -- except when they don't want to be, Euromonitor reports.
  • In The Grip Of Gmail: Will Brands End Up Facing An Inbox Monopoly?
    Gmail could turn out to be the only gateway to the inbox. That would be the end of email marketing.
  • Holiday Post-Mortem: Uptick In Digital Sales, Email Volume
    Orders and revenue increased -- and so did mobile use, Salesforce reports.
  • Unwanted Gift Alert: Givers Must Be Told Of Returns Under GDPR
    The GDPR is getting sillier and sillier. Now it is threatening an old Christmas practice, a report says.
  • Wunderman: An American Master
    Lester Wunderman was not focused on email marketing in particular. But everything he did paved the way for it.
  • Former White House Vendor Short On Email Protocol, Report Claims
    The EFF alleges that government bodies use a third-party firm to "surreptitiously" track emails they send.
  • B2B Budgets: What Goes Where?
    Email gets the third-highest share of paid media budgets in B2B. And it is the most effective lead-generation channel, Spiceworks reports.
  • The Price Of Convenience: What Consumers Want From Subscription Services
    They expect variety and savings. And email is their favorite messaging channel, Digitas reports.
  • Living Nightmares For CMOs: From ROI To Being Replaced
    CMOs stay up at night worrying about ROI -- and about everything from content creation to the #MeToo movement, BrandKeys reports.
  • Caught In The Crosshairs Of The GDPR: 15 Possible Outcomes
    It's easy to get tripped up by the GDPR. Here are 15 test cases -- and their likely outcomes.
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