• Mastering Metrics? Attribution Not Leading To Email Spend, Study Finds
    Few firms believe they have a solid grasp of attribution, and less than half say it is influencing their spending across channels, ClickZ and fospha report.
  • Tip Top Tab: Gmail Promotions Tab Lets Brands Offer Visual Previews
    The new feature allows marketers to post logos and custom images to help their emails stand out.
  • Do We Really Want Alexa Reading Our Emails?
    There is a certain creep factor here. If Alexa is reading your emails, that means Amazon is, too.
  • Manic Cyber Monday: Sales Were Up, Brands Should Prepare Now For New Year's Day
    Welcome to BFCM, as the Black Friday weekend is known. Brands did well, and are looking forward to New Year's Day, research shows.
  • Coffee Lovers Day: The Winning Q3 Email Themes
    National Coffee Day outperformed all other events in Q3 with a CTO of 23.9%, while Black Friday in July did better than National Dog Day, Yes Marketing reports.
  • To Have And To Hold: How Email Helps Retailers Acquire And Retain Customers
    A survey by Retail Touchpoints points to the wide use of email in acquisition.
  • GDPR Laggards: Most Firms Are Not Fully Compliant, Study Shows
    IT Governance finds a high level of understanding -- less than 1% ask "What is a privacy notice?" Yet only a minority are fully compliant.
  • Urbandoor Moves In: Furnished Apartment Marketplace Upgrades Its Transactional Email
    Urbandoor, a firm that is looking to automate business travel, has selected Dyspatch as its content management system.
  • Keeping High Earners In The Loop: Ladders Drives Content With Email
    Ladders links recruiters with big-ticket talent. But it also serves news and information through email newsletters. SendGrid is its email provider.
  • The Marriott Maelstrom: How Did Chain Get Hit So Hard In Breach?
    Marriott is facing probes, class action lawsuits and damaging publicity.
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