• Into The Inbox: The Placement Tricks Used By The Most Skillful Email Marketers
    Firms that get 90% of their emails into the inbox follow certain best practices. Validity outlines them.
  • Scrappy SMBs: Despite Pandemic, They Sent More Emails, Drove More Sales In 2020
    Mailchimp reports a 61% surge in online sales over 2019 and a 21.1% monthly hike in the email send.
  • Email Hassles: The Main Problems Facing Brands
    Inbox competition ranks as the top challenges, followed by poor email engagement, Validity and Demand Metric report.
  • Short And Sweet: Texting Rated As More Convenient Than Email
    Consumers like texts from businesses, but they didn't feel informed by political texts in 2020, Zipwhip reports.
  • The Email Engine: It's The Most Used Channel In B2B
    HubSpot is the most popular automation tool in B2B, followed by Adobe/Marketo and Pardot by Salesforce, Sagefrog Marketing Group reports.
  • Boomtown Metrics: Email, Text And Push All Saw Gains In 2020
    Welcome messages pulled the highest numbers among automated emails, Omnisend reports.
  • Data Dig: Firms Lack Single Source Of Truth
    Companies face budget and training challenges. But many are investing in data and analytics, ibi reports.
  • AI Skips School: Most Marketers Lack Training In How To Use It
    Lack of education is keeping brands from adopting AI, Drift and the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute report.
  • The Email Undertow: Consumers Are Eager To Open Messages From Brands And Everyone
    Most shoppers want to hear from companies at least once a week, whatever the channel, Pathwire reports.
  • Minority Miss: Hispanics And Asians Less Likely To Be Contacted By Political Campaigns
    Emails were sent more to Whites than to Blacks, Hispanics and Asians, Pew Research reports.
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