• Is Email Tracking The Next Big Privacy Concern?
    Email tracking is a longstanding practice. But an article in "Wired" magazine raises new alarms about it.
  • Generation Z Holds The Key To Email: Study
    Email usage growth is flat for Millennials and Gen Xers, but it's rising for members of Generation Z.
  • Infectious Email Is The Top Cyber Threat To Healthcare Providers: Study
    Healthcare providers are suffering from a serious disease: Cyber attacks delivered by email, Mimecast reports.
  • The Million-Dollar Tab: Firms Sink Money Into GDPR Compliance
    Money is being poured into GDPR compliance, according to a study by Forrester and Evidon.
  • Holiday Emails Ring: Opens And Read Rates Soared During Cyber Week
    It will be a happy holiday, judging by the Cyber Week read rates recorded by Movable Ink. But while smartphones led in email opens, they didn't lead in sales.
  • What Did Uber Know -- And When?
    The world only learned in November that Uber suffered a massive data breach last year. Why didn't it notify customers and drivers whose data was exposed?
  • Unsubscribe Practices: They're Good Until They're Not
    Retail marketers are doing a good job of handling email unsubscribes overall, yet some issues remain, according to the Online Trust Alliance.
  • GDPR Boot Camp: Firms Pressure Employees To Comply
    Companies around the globe are putting the burden of GDPR compliance on employees, adding penalties -- and also incentives.
  • Cyber Sales Blowout: Email Metrics Boom -- But Not For Emojis
    Marketers had a big fat Black Friday, thanks to email marketing, according to a study by ContactPigeon.
  • Who's Top And Who's Not In Personalization
    We won't keep you waiting: Retailers are most likely to receive the best from their personalization technology. And they're very active in email.
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