• Ask The E-mail Diva: Conversions, Part 2
    Lask week, Michelle Madhok of SheFinds.com--a fashion Web site that "shops the Web so you don't have to"--asked for advice on growing her e-mail list with a viral campaign and wondered whether long e-mails were affecting her churn rate. I focused on the issue of converting site traffic into subscribers. In this follow-up column, I continue that discussion and address the length and viral issues.
  • New-Member Communication Streams
    Congratulations, you've just acquired a new e-mail subscriber! Now what do you do? How do you capitalize on the attention of these newly interested individuals and get them engaged with your brand and products?
  • When A Good E-mail Goes Bad
    This week's column is about planning your e-mail disaster recovery. What do you do when a good e-mail campaign goes bad?
  • Delivering On The Promise
    Deliverablity. This is the main topic of discussion these days in the world of e-mail marketing. But I wonder if we spend nearly the time we devote to white listing, ISP relationships, and Goodmail to actually thinking about what is getting delivered in the first place. There is a decided lack of creativity that goes into our electronic epistles, with rare exceptions.
  • Ask The E-mail Diva: Converting Visitors To Subscribers
    The Diva advises a fashion Web site whose "e-mail list has stagnated at about 20K people."
  • Web Analytics And E-mail
    To borrow from a famous ad slogan, "nobody doesn't like" the idea of being able to correlate direct response marketing with online behavior. At its most visionary, e-mail is a channel that offers a personalized, timely outreach, which, combined with online behavior tracking, can tell you a great deal about a customer's actions and interests.
  • Your Content Strategy Can Improve Your Sender Reputation
    Whether you actively manage it or not, you have a "sender reputation"--and it's central to consistently reaching the inbox. The content you send also impacts your reputation.
  • Your E-mail: Habit-Forming Or Ho-Hum
    Not all commercial e-mail messages are created equal. One kind sits in your inbox for hours or days before you get around to it. The other makes you check your inbox obsessively and then drop everything to open it as soon as it appears. Don't you wish your own readers or customers felt that strongly about your e-mail messages?
  • Ask the E-mail Diva: Acquisition List Vetting
    How to pick an e-mail list vendor.
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