A Bouquet Of Sales: 1-800 Flowers Still Dominates Valentine's Day Market

If one thing can be inferred from this year’s Valentine's Day flower sales, it’s that emails should be sent a day or two before, judging by a report from Edison Trends. The game is over by the 14th.

The other takeaway is that 1-800 Flowers remains the dominant online seller in this market, although Teleflora shows real promise. And FTD and ProFlowers have declined. 

Edison Trends studied 3 million U.S. purchase e-receipts and compared the results of five brands: 1-800 Flowers, Pro Flowers, Teleflora, FTD and The Bougs Co. 

1-800 Flowers had its greatest sales on February 13, 74% more than Teleflora, which also spiked that day. The Bougs Cos. also hit its highest level on the 13th, although its market share is modest.

In contrast, Pro Flowers hit its peak on February 11, and sank dramatically on the13th. FTD had its highest day on the 12th.

1-800 Flowers hit another modest high on February 7, then began rising precipitously on February 10. The earlier days in the month were negligible, with February 2 the valley. 



1-800 Flowers also dominated in market share — at 37.6%, up from 37.4% last year.  

Pro Flowers was second with 22.8% and Teleflora came in third with 19.1%. Teleflora rose from 15.2% in 2018.

In contrast, Pro Flowers fell from 24.6% market share to 22.8%, and FTD declined from 14.4% to 11.3%.

The Bougs Cos. rose from an 8.5% market share in 2018 to 9.3%.

Teleflora also had the biggest sales increase — 33% compared to 6% for 1-800 Flowers. But FTD fell by 18%, and Pro Flowers declined by 2%.

The average spend per order for 1-800 Flowers jumped from $83 to $88.

But the highest spend per order was achieved by Teleflora: $91, up from $84 last year. And FTD, although its market share fell, had the biggest increase per order — from $77 to $87. Pro Flowers rose from $69 to $71.

1-800 was the most popular brand in 34 states. Pro Flowers won in nine,  and Teleflora led in six. The Bougs Co., although it didn’t come out on top in any states, had its highest number of orders in California.


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