Stats And Snippets On B2B Email: Why It's The Most Effective Lead-Generation Tool

Email remains the most popular B2B lead-generation tool, pulling up to $44 for every dollar spent. Yet it’s listed at the very bottom of Digital Silk’s new paper, titled 14 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies For B2B Lead Generation in 2020, behind blogs, search, pop-ups and just about everything else.

It makes you wonder whether the authors are bored with the subject or whether they’re saving the best for last.

Still, the report serves a purpose by rolling in stats on email from several different sources.

For one, Statista reports that 77% of B2B marketers use email for lead generation. But in a contradictory finding, SuperOffice has found that 59% still don’t use email despite its effectiveness.

Here are some relevant findings for marketers who may still be on the fence:

  • Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook at conversions — The Annutas Group
  • Email affects the buying intent and decisions of over half of all customers — Salecycle
  • Of those active in email, 85% use it primarily for lead generation and 78% for nurturing — Content Marketing Institute.
  • Video increases email CTRs by from 200% to 300% — Digital Information World



In addition, the report cites these trends in lead generation:

  • Minimalist email design is on the rise. In addition to decreasing load time, it delivers a direct message.
  • With 61% of emails now being opened via mobile (actually, other reports say the number is now 65%), mobile-first campaigns are an imperative.

That wraps it for email. What are the other strategies? We quote — but do not vouch for — these findings from the report:

  • Live blogs pull 67% more leads.
  • LinkedIn is the most effective social platform for snaring leads, according to 66% of B2B companies.
  • Millennials comprise 73% of B2B buyers — and almost 70% of them are afraid they’ll miss out on something.
  • Landing page videos can increase conversions by 86% or more.
  • Search marketing is highly effective in attracting the competitors’ audience.
  • Personalized exit intent pop-ups boost leads and conversions by up to 200%.
  • 70% of B2B digital marketers claim video is the most effective lead-generation and conversion tool.
  • Mobile marketing is still underused, despite the fact that half of all internet traffic is on mobile.
  • Retargeting through display ads can drive 70% of website visitors to buy.
  • AI chatbots help B2B marketers engage every last lead.
  • SEO is vastly underused, although it is one o the top three sources of B2B leads.
  • High-quality backlinks improve organic rankings and drive qualified leads.
  • Paid-search ads help B2B buyers find your website.

All in all, it’s a nice compilation, and you can review it here.

But remember: put email at the top of your list, not at the bottom.

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