• Virtual Takeover: B2B Brands Move Their Events Online
    Most firms have dramatically increased their use of virtual events during the pandemic. BrightTALK reports. Here's what attendees want out of these sessions.
  • Wooing Stakeholders: Consumers Want To Feel They Belong, Study Shows
    Customers would rather give feedback directly than have firms gather data on them from other sources, Gongos reports.
  • Email Crisis Control: Retailers Say It's Their Main Channel During Pandemic
    Brands are using email for everything from promotional offers to advisories on business operations, Epsilon reports.
  • How Personal Can You Get? Consumers Receive Few 1:1 Emails, Study Shows
    But most consumers will share data for greater personalization, and half will pay for it, Formation reports.
  • Churning And Yearning: Online Shoppers More Likely To Leave Brands During COVID-19 Pandemic
    Consumers are shopping more online and trying new retailers, but they are less likely to stay with them, Braze reports.
  • Email Catches COVID-19: Retailers Are Using It Slightly Less For Acquisition
    Social leads in usage -- but not as a tool for measuring customer lifetime value, Retail Touchpoints reports.
  • Teacher Wish List: They Want Discounts As They Cope With COVID-19 Pandemic
    A study finds they also prefer email over other channels for brand communications.
  • Help For The Holidays: An Email Marketing Tip List
    Here's some advice from Listrak staffers for brands gearing up for their Black Friday and Christmas email programs.
  • The Bulging Inbox: Consumers Are Overwhelmed By Email Clutter, Study Finds
    Most consumers have many unread messages. But 29% have none, Zipwhip reports.
  • Email Superstar: Channel Seen As A Top Engagement Tool, Post COVID-19
    Email ranks only behind social in producing conversions and engagement, Chief Marketer reports.
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