• Fake News: Millennials Are The Death of Email
    Don't be daunted by the challenge of marketing to Millenials. Lure them in through social media, and continue the relationship via email.
  • Death Of A Thousand Cuts: Can Email Survive The Political Dirt?
    Will email survive political scandals and phishing, or will consumers simply stop using it? 'Mashable' and 'The New York Times' have asked that question, and come up with different answers.
  • Email Automation Has Its Day: It Now Beats Cost As A Factor
    Two authorities make the case for email automation. It can drive "awesome personalization" and lead to several other marketing benefits.
  • On The Express Track: Email Accelerates The Customer Journey
    There are many forms of transport along the customer journey, from social media to the Internet of Things. But one is at the head of the line. Email outpaces social media and other channels in the customer journey, Kitewheel reports.
  • Skin In The Game: Email Spending Grows
    Ad spending went down in several channels, according to a study by MediaRadar. But email saw an increase.
  • Engineers Sweet On Email Newsletters, Useful During Buying Cycle
    One-third of engineers use email newsletters in their work, and over half turn to them when making purchasing decisions. Email newsletters have a robust presence in this shifting B2B market.
  • Thou Shalt Not Rent Email Lists: An Interview With Adestra's Ryan Phelan
    Adestra's Ryan Phelan weighs in on privacy and the state of email marketing.
  • It's Not Yet Time To Can CAN-SPAM
    The FTC is reviewing CAN-SPAM. Even if they scrap it, which they can't, legitimate companies will continue observing the spirit of the law.
  • Email Mashup: You Have To Throw It In With Social Media
    The statistics show that email reigns supreme. But it's best used in combination with social.
  • Hey, Publishers: Start To Romance Your Prospects With An Email Newsletter
    A primer for publishers on how to generate revenue with content begins with email, Keith Sibson says in a DMA Webinar.
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