• AI Ascends: Why It Is Taking Over Email Marketing
    Artificial intelligence will be used in most customer interactions within a few years, studies show. Here's why.
  • CMO Learning Curve: They're Not Up To Speed On Transactional Email
    A new study by the CMO Council found this shocking result: most firms aren't making all the money they can from their customers.
  • Google Walks Back Data-Scanning Comments To NBC
    Google doesn't scan emails. Except when it does. It's all there in the new privacy policy. Got that?
  • Personalization Gets A Like -- From Some Consumers, Anyway
    Half of all U.S. shoppers like personalized messages. But fewer do in Europe, McKinsey finds in a survey.
  • Follow That Lead: Email And The Challenges Of B2B Marketing
    Personalization is the most widely used tactic in lead nurturing. But firms are plagued by lack of time, staff and budget.
  • A Slow Start: European Regulators Aren't Ready For GDPR
    The dreaded GDPR may not be so bad after all -- even the enforcers lack the wherewithal to deal with it, Reuters reports.
  • Spamless Delivery: The Latest Email Inbox Benchmarks
    Return Path finds that email deliverability has improved -- but not for firms with low Sender Scores.
  • China Alert: Its Top Brands Are Wide Open To Phishing
    Only 4.6% of the leading Chinese brands employ DMARC, limiting their global email marketing growth.
  • The Opt-In Blitz: Firms Send Emails To Comply With GDPR
    Consumers are being barraged by a new wave of emails. Are they spam? Not quite: They simply ask people to opt in.
  • A Helping Hand: DonorsChoose.Org Uses Email To Fund Teachers' Classroom Needs
    An unusual nonprofit group is helping teachers get much-needed supplies. Its email is handled by Return Path.
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