• Bad Guys Make Out: Hacking Victims Will Pay Big Bucks To Ransom Data
    Consumers are willing to shell out to retrieve debit card passwords and other information, LastPass reports.
  • The Scary Face Of Data: Consumers Are More Wary Than A Year Ago
    More than a fifth of consumers are unwilling to disclose their citizenship status to brands, the Advertising Research Foundation reports.
  • The Graveyard Of Email Newsletters? People Don't Always Read Them, Study Shows
    Most people subscribe to brand newsletters to get discounts and offers, Blue Fountain Media reports.
  • Black Ink On Black Friday: Retailers Expect Sales Boosts This Year
    Email will be the dominant channel throughout the peak, Yieldify reports -- and most firms will offer discounts.
  • Ins And Outs: When Agencies Think Like Clients
    Agency Within is designed to function like an in-house agency, says CEO Joe Yakuel, who talks about how the agency works and the role of email in the channel mix.
  • Privacy, Please: Firms Give Up Data On A Researcher's Fiancee
    In a test, James Pavur was able to access hotel stays, train trips, passwords and high school records -- even with GDPR in effect.
  • Creative Unplugged: Teams Don't Always Connect Across Firms
    Despite fragmentation, most firms feel their creative supports their strategic goals, Adobe reports.
  • The Big Seven: Questions To Ask When Changing Your Email Platform
    Messaging Architects lists points that must be considered when switching vendors and systems -- if you want to avoid disruption.
  • Big Brands Goof Up: They Send Too Many Emails, And Few Reflect Intent
    Pure digital retailers are best at personalizing and keeping a reasonable email cadence, SmarterHQ reports
  • Academic Lunacy: Professors Send Fake Emails To VCs
    A research project designed to uncover discrimination by startup investors didn't find it -- and it should never have been done via email.
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