• Making Working In Work Out: Crisis Tips For Email Marketers
    Brands face challenges such as reduced budgets and difficulty pulling teams together. Here are some suggestions on how to survive the shutdown.
  • COVID-19 Fatigue: Brand Emails Now More Seasonal In Approach
    Open rates for COVID-19-themed emails dipped dramatically at the end of March, but are recovering, Validity reports.
  • Email Takes A Licking: Consumers Prefer Chat For Service Queries
    Email has plummeted in a two-year period, especially for urgent questions, Astute finds in a survey.
  • The COVID-19 Hourglass: Brands Unsure About Return To Normal
    Most marketers have adjusted their approach in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Element-R Partners reports, and have little patience for companies that have not.
  • Email Ghostwriter: Will New Product Replace Copywriters?
    A pitch for Email Skript says it will write all your email copy for you without taking hours of time.
  • Email Hand-Holding: Consumers Want Information And Reassurance During Crisis, Study Finds
    Email is the most popular medium among 67% of consumers for COVID-19-related messages, a Twilio study finds.
  • Marketing Teams Huddle In Place
    Many marketers working from home suffer a loss of morale, but feel greater empathy for their colleagues, Econsultancy reports.
  • COVID-19 Chill: Ecommerce Sales Are Up, But So Is Fraud
    Garden equipment transactions have risen the most on a percentage basis, ACI Worldwide reports.
  • Riding Out COVID-19: Retailers Change Email Tactics To Engage Customers
    All retailers changed their messaging based on customer behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic, SmarterHQ finds in a snapshot poll.
  • COVID-19 Disruption: Brands Send Fewer Email Campaigns In March By Half
    A Yes Marketing report shows lower open rates overall versus 2019, but higher for COVID-19-related emails.
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