• Round Two: ICANN Appeals German Court Ruling On Whois
    ICANN is demanding once again that EPAG collect data on domain name registrants despite GDPR.
  • Big-Bucket Design: For Email That Can Be Read By Everyone
    Not everyone can read some emails. Here's a guide from EMMA on "inclusive design."
  • Email Gets People To Tap The App, Study Finds
    Most people sign up for apps, then forget about them. But email can pull them back, Leanplum reports. .
  • Breaking Through The Gmail Wall: Brands Improve Their Inbox Placement
    Gmail deliverability rates have gone up for firms with high sender reputations, YLM reports.
  • GDPR Day Was May 25 -- The Highest Email Volume This Year? May 24
    SendGrid says the day before the GDPR took effect produced the highest email volume in its history -- second only to Black Friday last year.
  • Automation Nation: Brands Say They Are Good At Making It Work
    Firms are getting better at marketing automation -- but they still face some hurdles, an Ascend2 study finds.
  • The Last Blast: Retailers Are Moving To Behavioral Emails
    Email still drives the highest ROI. But there's a change in the way brands are using it.
  • Is Email An Also-Ran? CMOs Rank It As No. 4 Digital Channel
    Email is seen as highly important by almost 60% of top marketing executives. Yet they are more turned on by social and search.
  • Millennial Stress Test: Email Annoys Them, Study Finds
    Less than a third of millennials find email the least bothersome medium, a Fluent study finds. Direct mail performs better.
  • Five Ways To Fail With Email Newsletters
    There is plenty of blame to be shared when email newsletters flop. But it often starts at the top.
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