Three Ways Your Competitors Will Beat You in 2007

Last week, we tackled the top questions email marketers ask when faced with rendering issues in the inbox. This week we're delivering some more critical information to you: the top three ways your competitors are going to beat you in 2007.

Part of the email experience council's mission is to help marketers more effectively utilize email as a valuable marketing channel. For example, a study recently released by eec sponsor Datran Media offered some critical insights that help to pinpoint what your competition is going to be doing with email in 2007.

The 2007 Email Marketing Survey: Looking Forward asked marketers to share their 2007 email marketing plans. The answers, while in line with other industry surveys and research materials, verified the "comeback" that email has made as an effective and efficient marketing channel. In this survey, we identified seven specific ways marketers intend to leverage the power of email. Here's a sampling of three.



A WARNING: If you are not planning on using email strategically in 2007, you'd better watch out -- or your competitors may just pass you up at the finish line.

Based on the Datran Media study, our top picks for competitive email usage insights include:

1. It's time to revisit email as an acquisition tool. You may have tried it in the past, with little success, or you may have been scared away by horror stories you have heard. But in 2007 over 89% of survey respondents claim that they will be focusing on email as an acquisition vehicle. It's fast and cost-effective when done correctly, and can cut down your sales cycle by as much as 40%.

2. Use your vendor. No... not for sending emails, but to steal their intelligence. Over 55% of respondent use a third-party email vendor. These vendors live and die for effective email. They are a great resource for innovative ideas, or ways to maximize their technology and investment in their services. Now is the time to check that you are reaping the benefits of working with these professionals.

3. Email and search belong together.Harley Davidson did it, so why wouldn't you? The Datran survey indicates that over 83% of respondents feel email is the most important online medium (search is in second place with 63%). Imagine the power you will have over your competitors if you can leverage your media spend and make email and search work in unison. An email activation campaign tied to a search drive can only increase performance.

In 2007 and 2008, email's responsiveness and power is only going to grow. As it does, it will open doors for more effective digital dialogues. We at the eec are very excited to be a part of this new movement and look forward to reporting on more survey results like these in the future.

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