• My Dinner With Donald
    Well, that's what I assumed would happen when I clicked on a link to enter a chance to "win dinner with President Trump at the best spot in Florida on the ANNIVERSARY of the people's inauguration." The email, which came from victory.donaldtrump.com and had the official Trump/Pence logo on it, said if I win, they'll take care of getting me and a friend to Palm Beach and "reserving your room..."
  • The Privacy Confessional: GDPR Rules On Transparency
    Are you trying to comply with GDPR? Be prepared to tell data subjects everything you have on them.
  • Promotion Glut: Consumers Ignore Incessant Offers
    Don't overdo it with discount promotions -- a study by Forrester shows that many are ignored.
  • The Age Of Consent: What It Means Under The GDPR
    The EU's GDPR working group defines consent. It must be freely given -- and not forced.
  • The Inertia Factor: Why Big Emailers Stay With Their ESPs
    Many big emailers are unhappy with their ESPs. But they are reluctant to move, a study has found.
  • How To Reach The Tech Elite: It Begins With Email
    IT professionals prefer to be pitched by email. But it's easy to turn them off, a study shows.
  • Privacy Illiterate: U.S. Workers Know Little About GDPR And Other Laws
    Few U.S. employees know much about GDPR. But they are careful about sensitive materials left on the copying machine, a study shows.
  • The Verdict On GDPR: A Big Yawn
    European suppliers are unprepared for GDPR. But they're not worried, a study shows.
  • Phishing For Dummies: A How-To Guide
    A guide on how to install ransomware and victimize the unsuspecting shows how simple it is for evildoers to use attackware as a service.
  • The Efficiency Of ROI: How Does Email Measure Up?
    The age-old debate over email versus print has a new angle. Is email really efficient?
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