• Call-To-Action Graphics: What Works In Email
    New Study offers guide to the most effective colors and dimensions for email banners and logos.
  • API Alert: SparkPost's Merrick On The New Technology Of Email
    SparkPost CEO Phillip Merrick talks about what firms are doing to drive email ROI and the tools they're using to get there.
  • Shoppers' Hit List: What Turns Them On And Off Online
    Consumers will share their email addresses and other data with retailers -- but they expect solid personalization in return.
  • The Dark Side Of GDPR: Five Reasons Why It Hurts Email Marketers
    GDPR may not be the boon everyone seems to think it is. Here are five reasons why it isn't.
  • Members' Remorse: Facebook Users Say Their Data Is Unsafe
    Facebook users are far from happy with the firm's privacy protections, a survey finds.
  • Every Cloud Is Lined With Data: Why Marketing Adoption is Soaring
    Sales and marketing teams are the biggest users of the cloud -- for analytics.
  • Brown Bagging It: Jim Fosina On Email And Replenishment Marketing
    Everyone need products they might be embarrassed to buy in person. Enter subscription marketing.
  • An Evening With Mark Zuckerberg
    Grilled by reporters Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg's assurances about Facebook were not totally convincing. Email marketers are getting tarred with the broad privacy brush, just as alleged "data brokers" were last week.
  • Facebook Face-off: What's It All Mean For Emailers?
    Facebook has announced a number of new actions and policies to protect privacy. But will they deflect the Cambridge Analytica scandal?
  • Wait, Don't Go: Abandonment Emails Pull High Open Rates And Sales, Study Shows
    Cart abandonment emails achieve a 40% open rate, Bluecore says, while product abandonment messages are at 41%, cart abandonment messages have a 10% click rate and product abandonments are at 8.40%.
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