• Leaky Apps: Email Addresses, Other Personally Identifiable Information Are Far From Secure
    Online retail apps are the most insecure, followed by brick-and-mortar retail apps, NowSecure reports.
  • Government For The People: Sector Now Pulls Highest Email Opens And Click-Throughs
    The lowest opens and click-throughs are generated by the Automotive and Aerospace field, Campaign Monitor reports.
  • Erasing The Dearly Departed: Where Does Their Online Data Go?
    An author calls for a GDPR for deceased people, arguing that Facebook is crammed with their accounts.
  • Carry On: Four Big Email Marketing Trends Of 2020
    Why look back? Here are four emerging developments that could dominate the email space, starting on Wednesday.
  • Many Happy Returns: Ecommerce Brands Brace For Jan. 2
    Ecommerce sales hit new highs during this holiday season -- and so did returns, judging by a new study from Splitit.
  • Anti-Social Media: Have Hatred And Threats Become The Norm?
    Email is also used to deliver overheated rhetoric --- and threats, the Committee to Protect Journalists reports.
  • Ecommerce Holiday Haul: Sales Grew By Double Digits
    Overall growth was dwarfed by online sales, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse.
  • Newsday: The Email Gift That Never Stops Giving
    "Newsday" stopped emailing me when I opted out. But then it took up right where it left off.
  • Taking A Risk On Email: Is There Room For A Startup?
    An Israeli firm is offering app that combines all collaboration tasks in one workspace. But can it work?
  • The Attribution Minefield: What's Keeping Brands From Multi-Touch Intelligence
    Multi-touch attribution use is growing. But only a minority of firms have integrated it into their media mix, the MMA reports.
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