• You're In Good Hands: Nurturing Insurance Prospects With Email
    Insurance marketing via email is a complicated process. Here are some tips from Jornaya.
  • Hot Bots: The Growing Threat To Email Marketers
    Bots are infiltrating everything from apps to email. But they can be detected and blocked.
  • Email Goes To College: It's A Top Recruiting Channel, Study Shows
    Email is used by virtually all colleges, according to a study. But texting is creeping up on it.
  • I'll Have My Email Well Done: Customer Service And Email Marketing
    Chatbox and phone may be on top, but email remains a strong customer service tool.
  • Legal Gray Zone: Firms Sued For Sending Unsolicited Email
    Several firms are fighting a lawsuit over alleged spamming and misleading copy.
  • Email Enemies List: The U.S. Still Wants Data On 1.3 Million Protest Site Visitors
    The government wants data on visitors to a protest web site.
  • The Spam Jam: Should Consumers Use The Unsubscribe Button?
    Two observers confront each other over use of the email unsubscribe button. Should people unsubscribe or push perceived spam into the junk mail folder?
  • B2B Beeline: Speeding Prospects Through The Funnel
    Marketing and sales are becoming more aligned in B2B -- but they need to use tactics like drip email and surveys.
  • An Email Named Desire: Millennials Want Personalized Retail Messages
    Who knew? Half of Millennials like to shop in-store. And they welcome personalized emails.
  • Hidden Rot: Association Email Lists Are Filled With Decay
    A study shows that association email lists are riddled with errors. And executives don't even know it.
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