• Gen Z Zig-Zags: It's The Only Cohort That Doesn't Prefer Email As A Channel
    The youngest group likes social media-- but they rank email as a close second, Data Axle reports.
  • Tech Ramp-Up: Most Brands Swapped Their Systems In The Last Year
    Email distribution solutions were widely replaced, second only to marketing automation platforms, Martech reports.
  • Automation Angst: Brands Face Hurdles In Using Tools To Their Full Potential
    Despite challenges, most firms still say they are successfully deploying marketing automation, Ascend2 reports.
  • Swamped By Pop-Ups: Consumers Accept Cookies To Get Access To Sites
    In essence, people are being strong-armed into accepting cookies. The UK Commissioner plans to ask fellow G7 authorities to address the issue.
  • The B2B Binge: Brands Are Spending More On Marketing This Year
    Targeting is biggest factor in driving decisions, Apple's mobile opt-in policy not so much, MeritB2B reports.
  • Metrics Mania: Email Conversions And Opens Soared In First-Half 2021
    Welcome messages did best. But this may be the last time you will see open rates tracked, Omnisend reports.
  • Email's Clean Sweep: Channel Scores Best On ROI And Acquisition In B2C Marketing
    Email also comes in first in boosting immediate revenue. But it's not as easy to measure as SBM, Spot Trender reports.
  • Holiday Whispers: Consumers And Brands Differ On Top Shopping Channels
    But both sides are gearing up, with shoppers planning to start in October and companies scaling up.
  • Gimme BIMI: How To Use The New Branding And Security Tool
    Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Fastmail have all signed on to BIMI. Validity explains what all the buzz is about.
  • Keep Your Customers Close: Retention Is Top Retail Tactic In 2021
    Digital-first marketers lead on most activities, but incumbent marketers agree that retention is the top tactic, CommerceNext reports.
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