• Email Tech Stacks Up: Brands Evaluate Tools Prior To Holiday Shopping Peak
    Email and SEO solutions are the tools being most evaluated for purchase, ClickZ reports.
  • Not A Good Outlook: Microsoft Outages Plague Users All Week
    Microsoft acknowledged the problem shortly after 2 a.m. on Thursday and announced it was resolved at almost midnight Friday.
  • The 700 Million-Package Pileup: Online Holiday Shopping Surge Means Stress On System, Salesforce Predicts
    Marketers better have those email triggers in place -- returns are likely to rise in proportion to orders, according to forecasts.
  • Conversion Therapy: Firms Struggle To Get Leads Through The Funnel
    Only 12% are very satisfied with their lead conversion capabilities, Ascend2 and Verse report.
  • Words Count: Brands Say COVID-19 Makes Language More Important
    CEOs are paying more attention to content. And some are investing in AI to do the writing, Phrasee reports.
  • Priming The Holidays: Amazon Moves Sales Blast To October, And Everyone Else Must Adapt
    Consumers -- and sellers -- are gearing up, according to a study by Jungle Scout. But that means inboxes will be very crowded.
  • Millennial Scrooges: They're Planning To Buy Gifts For Themselves
    Still, many younger people plan to focus on the meaning of the holiday -- and they don't want advertising, Fullscreen reports.
  • Holiday Nerves: Ecommerce Brands Are Less Optimistic Than Last Year
    Ecommerce brands are planning later this year. They are worried about revenue and some are doing no peak-season marketing, Yieldify reports.
  • Lost Leads: B2B Firms Fail To Speedily Reply To Queries In Test
    Only one company sent a personalized email in five minutes, Workato reports.
  • The Comfy Customer: What Makes People Happy In The Era Of COVID-19
    Consumers are more comfortable with digital than they were last year, CCW Digital reports.
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