• The Great American Love Affair: B2B Sales And Marketing
    Sales and marketing are well aligned in most companies -- but that doesn't mean they're showing pipeline growth, LeadMD reports.
  • Data Adolescence: Most Enterprise Firms Are At the Low End Of Maturity
    A Merkle study shows that large firms are lagging when it comes to audience management. Email is a top channel.
  • The Customer Voyage: Firms Are Getting Better At Mapping It
    Travel firms are more satisfied than retailers in their customer journey optimization, and U.S. brands are more upbeat than their U.K. counterparts, Yieldify reports.
  • The Limited Tops Email Performance Audit, But That May Not Be Saying Much
    Retailers either send too much email, fail to personalize it or even use the wrong name in the message, according to Women's Retail Customer Experience Audit, a study by technology provider Customer Portfolios.
  • Is Texting Tops? Study Claims It Beats Email
    But parts of a report from EZTexting seem based more on opinion than on original research.
  • Starvation Diet: Front-Line Workers Lack Access To Data
    The best way to provide access may be to embed analytics right into the email system, MicroStrategy reports.
  • Can Email Save Journalism? Yes, If Publishers Get Better At It, Study Says
    Most big publishers fail to send welcome and cart abandonment emails, a study by Iterable finds.
  • B2B Data Gulch: Brands Lack Solid Acquisition Strategies
    Brands' challenges include old data and a lack of time to develop a strong process, DemandGen reports.
  • Second-Quarter Drift: Email Opens And Clicks Fell Slightly, Epsilon Reports
    Email volume rose by 4.3% over that of Q2, perhaps causing the drop in metrics, an Epsilon study finds.
  • So You Want To Start A Business: Get Ready For A Long Haul, Mailchimp Says
    Most SMBs avoid spending money on email systems at first, Mailchimp reports. But they need to build their lists as soon as they can.
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