• Facebook Tiptoes Into Email: How Far Will It Go?
    Facebook is unlikely to scale up its basic email service for small businesses, experts say.
  • Out Of The Inbox: How Gen Z Feels About Privacy
    Members of the Gen-Z cohort are privacy-conscious. They now have access to products like Hey that can permanently block unwanted emails.
  • Sweat Of the Brow? What The Gupta Copyright Verdict Means For Email List Owners
    The decision, won by Infogroup against DatabaseUSA, could lessen the impact of the Supreme Court's Feist decision on the ground.
  • Let's Make A Deal: Consumers Open Emails With Discounts In The Subject Line, Study Shows
    Amazon far outperforms other retailers with its email marketing, SparkPost and SurveyMonkey report.
  • Industrial Strength Cutbacks: Manufacturers Slash Marketing Budgets
    Industrial firms are cautious as businesses start to re-open, IEEE GlobalSpec finds in new research.
  • What They're Saying About AMP For Email: Still No Widespread Buy-In
    Brands are put off by perceived operational challenges. But those are not as daunting as they seem, experts say.
  • Text Happy: SMS Is Now A Close No. 2 To Email, Study Shows
    Over half of consumers would like to receive texts from their favorite brands. And text open rates are through the roof, Yotpo reports.
  • B2B Wannabes: Most Brands Have A Customer-Centricity Gap, Study Finds
    Seventy-one percent of B2B brands admit they have a "customer-centricity gap," but they're working on it. Email is seen as an effective channel, yet it lags behind paid social media, Episerver reports.
  • Taking A Cue From The Quarantine: Consumers Are Engaging And Shopping More, Study Shows
    Geico is the brand consumers most remember seeing in ads. AT&T is next, AKI Technologies reports.
  • Analytics Fitness Test: HBR Study Finds Holes In Performance
    Few firms are skilled at delivering real-time customer interactions across touchpoints and devices.
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