• The Top Ten: Who's Best At Retail Email
    Just what retailers have been waiting for: A ranking of the leaders in email marketing. RSR rated 138 companies according to three criteria. The top score was a C+.
  • MailChimp Swings To A Single Opt-In -- Except In Europe
    MailChimp is defaulting to a single opt-in because double opt-in is producing declining rates. But what about the GDPR?
  • Email Buzz: Content Use Surges In Manufacturing Sector
    Content marketing has caught hold among manufacturers. And what's their top channel for delivering it? Email, a new study shows.
  • B2B Challenge: Running The Security Gauntlet
    The ransomware threat is so serious that some firms are overreacting -- cutting off access to web sites and attachments. Here is the impact on email marketers.
  • Into The Security Breach: CEO Emails May Be Weak Link
    Data breaches may start at the top -- almost a third of CEOs have linked their email addresses to breached services, F-Secure found in a survey.
  • Suspicious Minds: U.S. Consumers Less Likely To Share Email Addresses
    Western consumers are less likely to share email addresses and other data with brands than people in developing countries.
  • The Price Of Compliance: Study Uncovers GDPR Costs
    A new study reveals the true costs of GDPR compliance -- it begins with $1 million for technology alone.
  • Put Your Money Where The Tech Is: Study Shows Rise In ROI
    Brands are getting better at using technology to generate ROI, an Ascend2 study shows.
  • Email Gymnastics: Twelve Real-Time Copy Adjustments
    Here are a dozen types of offers that marketers can send, based on real-time changes.
  • There's Gold In Those Abandoned Carts: Email Can Help You Get It
    Ecommerce firms are leaving money on the table when they fail to send abandoned cart emails, a study by Klaviyo shows.
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