• Spam Won't Get You Elected: Presidential Hopefuls Flunk Email Marketing 101, Study Shows
    Campaigns are not following email best practices, and this is causing their messages to end up in spam folders and promotion tabs, Twilio reports.
  • Every Day's A New Day At 'Newsday'
    The Long Island daily blasts out emails -- regularly -- with no attempt at personalization.
  • Data Dysfunction: Brands Face Hurdles Integrating With ESPs
    Retailers suffer over 10 data malfunctions per month, The Relevancy Group reports.
  • Channel Etiquette: It Pays To Give Consumers What They Want: Twilio Study
    But marketers lose out when they neglect channel and frequency preferences, Twilio finds. Among channels, email is first.
  • U.S. Vs. UK: British Brands Have Email Edge, Study Finds
    UK fashion retailers score higher read and deliverability rates than U.S. firms, Iterable reports.
  • The Road To College Is Paved With Email
    Email is a preferred channel through all stages of the college selection process, Eduventures reports.
  • Fruit Of GDPR: Less Vendor Competition
    Smaller suppliers are being cut by website owners in favor of larger firms, an academic study finds.
  • Digging Into ABM: Both B2B And B2C Brands Are Using It
    Ascend2 shows that many firms are either using account-based marketing or are planning to -- but some are not.
  • Email, The Empathy Channel
    Consumers prefer email over other media. And they want brands to be useful and responsive to their needs, OpenMarket reports.
  • Backward B2B: Firms Have To Improve Their Automation -- And Their Email
    There has been a decline in best practices from 2016 to 2019, CommuniGator and Smart Insights report.
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