• Hot Headhunting: AI-Driven Recruiting Firm Sees Uptick In Sales/Marketing Hiring
    Candidate searches are on the rebound following layoffs in March, says TopFunnel CEO Justin Palmer.
  • Buzzword Binge: Emails Are Becoming More Formal, Study Finds
    Almost half of U.S. brands are falling back on 'safe,' robotic corporate-speak," Schwa reports.
  • The Gate Swings Both Ways: Don't Make It Too Hard To Access B2B Content
    Two-thirds of B2Bs gate content, and that's only one aggravation readers face. But brands believe in their content marketing, Finite reports.
  • SMBs Show Their Grit: Owners Like Being On Their Own Despite Tough Conditions
    Many need marketing tools and other resources to help them pivot online. Almost all plan to vote in the election, American Express reports.
  • A Billion Emails For Change: How Change.org Helps Causes With Its Marketing
    The global tech platform thought it was doing well with its email. Then COVID-19 hit, driving its metrics to a whole new level.
  • Adobe Analytics Predicts Online Holiday Shopping Surge - How Email Marketers Can Cope
    More people are shopping at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are Adobe Analytics' findings, along with tips on how email marketers can deal with the boom.
  • What's Up For 2121: Forrester Makes Tech Predictions
    Expect to see more retention marketing, including email, and higher investment in customer experience.
  • Email That Cares: Later Boosts Opens And Clicks By Showing Empathy
    Later, an Instagram scheduler and marketing platform, has driven a spike in engagement by putting a little empathy into its email program.
  • Checking Out In The Inbox: Skipify And Gmail Launch Shopping Within Emails
    Consumers can add items to their cart and check out within the email, thanks to AMP technology, Skipify says.
  • Let Your Fingers Do The Shopping: The Online Holiday Outlook
    Organic search produces the highest conversion rates, Episerver reports. Most consumers will do some or all of their shopping online.
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